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  1. I was being sarcastic, I'll try to be more straight forward next time to save you from struggling.


    Your sarcasm was obviously the reason for my previous comment.


    I will not respond to this childish behaviour again in the thread, as PM is the correct place for it if it must continue.

  2. No body wants the fixed stock, the only reson they even make it for the real gun is retarded gun laws in the US, and really who cares about that, give me something that looks like a masada.


    That's quite a strong statement! I wouldn't say 'nobody' wants the fixed stock. I do prefer the look of the folding stock on the Masada, but I like the fixed one too. I use a G36C for CQB and I never fold the stock, so the functionality of a folding stock isn't something I would personally miss.

  3. Excellent points from uscmCorps. With the release expected very soon, we'll have have all the information we actually need.


    Whether the gearbox is called v2 or v3 is of little consequence, as it's obviously not a direct copy of either of the original TM designs anyway. What is of consequence is whether the gearbox has the same inherent weakness of the TM version 2, or the strength of the TM version 3. Also whether it accepts TM standard replacement parts or not will be a very important detail.


    Is there any information on the expected cost of replacement parts? I hope they won't go down the same road as Systema...

  4. From my understanding, airsoft prices in Japan are REALLY marked up


    Oh, that sucks. But at at least shipping prices from HK will be cheaper for them!


    Direct translation would be

    "version 3 electric gearbox that has been powered up"


    I haven't been to the shop to speak to them in person so it could be a typo, or perhaps it is the 3rd version of a type 2 gearbox system. If they have any in stock on the 10th I will go take a look and report back my findings.


    Very strange wording! I'm very curious to know which company is actually making that gearbox. We've seen photos with 'PTS' stamped/engraved on it, but we really need some definitive answers!


    I'm sure everyone here would love it if you could go along on the 10th and report back. Maybe take a camera... :)

  5. Local Airsoft shop has announced that the MASADA is expected to be released on August 10th.



    It's 56,000 yen (about 650 US)


    ・パワーアップされたバージョンIIIタイプ電動ギアボックス (Power Up type 3 gear box)


    Awesome. If that date is accurate then awesome. I wonder why it's $200 more than everywhere else though...


    Can you elaborate on that gear box? Are you sure that's what it says? Everything we've seen so far has made it very clear it's a modified version 2.

  6. I hope that FDE picture is either photoshopped or a bad photo, because it hideous and looks nothing like magpuls FDE. A&K was spot on, this one looks like its gold. WTF.


    I don't think it's photoshopped, look at the weird pattern on the handguard, ejection port cover and lower reciever. It's the same in both photos. Looks more like a hasty paint job to me.


    The photos themselves have definitely been adjusted digitally to increase contrast and adjust the colours. Whatever they've done it's an absolutely horrible job.

  7. I've used them several times, and would recommend them to others.


    The only complaints I have are that they can sometimes take a few days to post items, and that their the photos and descriptions on their webste are mostly awful. It's so important to have good info on what you're buying.


    But overalll it's a good shop.

  8. now the big question is to pre-order FG from ehobby or wait for a store that I like more to put it up.


    EDIT Nevermind, not a huge decision, the only shipping option from ehobby was 98 bucks. I've gotten way better shipping from them, which makes me feel like they're gouging


    That's way too much to pay on shipping!


    WGC won't say how much shipping is. Anyone know?

  9. Hate to be 'that guy,' but please don't post stuff like that until you have some way of backing up your claim.


    He's been pretty clear about the fact that he's speculating, not claiming.


    No need to back up speculation if it's presented as such.

  10. im not troolling,this wil actualyl be my first airsoft gun over 50 dollers(well ill considered it 20,but i got it from walmart at the time..)so im kinda new to high end guns,since most fo you by now probly ahd 3 guns..


    Ah man you fooled me!


    But I'm really looking forward to this release and I hate to see the thread derailed like this.


    Has anyone got any more info on the internals? Do we finally have an answer to the question of who makes them?

  11. That's not really necessary.


    In an AEG the air is compressed as the BB moves down the barrel, but because it's compressed by a spring the pressure isn't constant. Instead the pressure increases as the piston accelerates. So you only want it to be actually pushing the BB down the barrel when it's moving at it's fastest. This means you'll transfer as much energy as possible to the BB. If you have a non-ported cylinder and a short barrel, you waste a good amount of the kinetic energy stored in the spring as the BB has left the barrel before the piston head hits the cylinder head. This equals lower FPS. I've also read about the extra air causing turbulence behind the BB and spoiling accuracy. :wide-eyed:

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