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  1. hey guys, there is a new shop down here in France: www.airsoft-entretien.com they just started their business, and, according to their website, they sell "fiabilized" WEs as well as customs, with, as far as I can see, many RS and ra tech parts, that sounds good! From what I have understand, they work only on special orders for now...sounds good! Beside this, my WE M4 still runs like a charm, after nearly 10000 rounds!
  2. My WE M4 has nearly 4000 rounds and works fine. It just had the upper broken following a fall, but beside this it works very fine
  3. I'd order one Magpul Receiver Set, and fits very well with the internals. But it need to work itself, with nearly 150 shots. There are 2 pins that are pretty hard to insert: the FA and BC nes. I had to rework my RS CH a bit, but that's all. Even my CAA UPG16 pistol grip fits like a glove! I'll post pics a bit later. The time betwin shipping and retrival of the package was 3-4 days, from HK to France, pretty good. AB seems to be back to work now, and that's sounds good... Does anyone own the TSC ambi selector now? If yes does it works well?
  4. Also, for the NPAS, you have to block the valve on its O-ring while you unscrew or screw the system par contre, pour le NPAS faut que tu bloques la valve avec son joint(plus facile)pendant que visses ou dévisses le système pour le régler
  5. guess the threaded portion is too long into the nozzle In French: je pense que la partie filetée de la tige dépasse trop dans le nozzle
  6. the threads on the upper...I'm currently looking for a RS upper, on wich I'll do mods in order to fit the WE internals
  7. uop, if I can tell like this. This upper is the one of the Gen 3 M4 I builded from spare parts(I already had a whole Lower assembly). The upper came as a complete upper set from AB long time ago... Maybe it's because of the stress from the tests of CAA magazines mod, wich is basically the very same mod of the PMags from Magpul, in order to accept the WE internals. After moding and installing the internals, you still have to fit the internals into the modified RS magazine, in order to have a fully working Mag, wich means Mag catch effectively catching the mag, Mag housing foing into the Ba
  8. Sad news here, my M4's barrel nut just broke after nearly 1 year...
  9. Will you release a trigger in the TSC(type 1)style? I bought 2 of them, but my SPR keep firing in Auto with it, so I was forced to put the original trigger back in...
  10. my SPR has done nice Outs at 60 meters, but it has not been tested for the grouping and precision shots on targets. On the other hand, my M4 is capable to hit 14x14cm targets at 20 meters, while aiming with the iron sight
  11. You may unscrwe your buffer tube a bit and look if this helps
  12. Send an email to the HK police, I've done this, and they seem to be very interessted on that case...The email adress has been posted a few pages down
  13. I meant the diameter, not the lenght, sorry to forgot about telling this. Sanding the diameter will smooth the movement, and there will be very less resistance
  14. Try sanding the front end of your nozzles gents, it will be very helpful!
  15. Since they(AB) sill don't reply, even when I told them I would contact the HK Police,I sent an Fraud Signalment to the police. They replied to me today, and I told them for the 400$ of stuff AB never shipped to me, as well as the Kekedj's 650$ order that had been "lost" and never reshipped. In addition, I added that there many similar cases, so if you are in the same boat than us, then contact the HK Ploice for Fraud
  16. Hum...are you serious about airsoftbuddy?even with the paypal dispute I never hear from him...
  17. Maybe could you please post it on this topic: http://gasguns.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=...;p=19724#p19724 and this one as well?http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=162955&st=60&gopid=2215549& I guess the more people are aware bout this the best it will be, since the HK police will have at least 10 similar complains! Just look: ab has 400$ of stuff from me, ~650$ from Kekedj, 600 frop you...we already have 1650$... Edit: email sent to the HK police, telling them that the value of the fraud is already evalued to 1650$, probably more. Of course, I gave them
  18. Happened on my SPR once...maybe it wasn't lubed enough... GOD DAMN William why the hell don't you reply to my god damn emails???????Why don't you ship us those f***g parts of this f***g group order???????? Makes 5 months now!!! You got 400$ of parts that you have to ship to me and 600$ to Kekedj! And after this all you wanted to be a partner of France Airsoft??? I don't think I'll be able to trust in you again!
  19. Hum, we're not talking about AFC shop buddy, but about the guys who deal directly with WE and then do wholesales to the small shops like AB, AFC TMC...
  20. Double post, but for an important info: for all the guys who have problems with AB, even if you are waiting for your order/parts for more than 45 days, raise a paypal dispute, I just talked about this with WETTI and signaled them william's "new shop". They encouraged us to raise paypal disputes and pass the word everywhere!
  21. So I guess we gonna start a new thread relating everyone trouble with them, and then send him an email showing the thread! Edit: check this out: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=176610 I started a new thread related to our problems with AB If one of you has an account on GGI too, please post this link, I think this will help us to make him react!
  22. Hey guys even AFC have trouble with contacting AB(AFC sales wholesales to AB)! Maybe could we open a thread to know how many guys are concerned? I'm waiting for a full order snice 11th september(~84$)and for many missing parts from a Group Order. Paid ~1280$, 400$ of parts are missing! Complete upper, CO2 kits...And in this new thread, each guy could post the parts involved in his order what do you think about? And we may have to post this on other forums as well! Maybe will this make him up!
  23. Nice....I've done this hundreds of time since I got my M4 and M16...still the same fun!
  24. Simply remove the existing piston, then put the tsc in. oh and put your nozzle on it. you're done!
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