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    If you're fighting to live, it's ok to die
  1. More photos and video from the 'Shoot People In the Face Better' class sigma3 posted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY70GoTjz6w
  2. More DH pictures! This time from the RUSFOR side.
  3. That's the point? It's really not hard to die even with carrying that thing. My feet are generally exposed while moving, and our flanks are wide open in the stack. We're using this for scenario games, not to be THE BEST BB WARS TEAM EVER or anything dumb like that. We could give a *fruitcage* less about winning.
  4. It's an accurate replica of the Russian FORT VANT-VM shield that sees a ton of modern use with Russian Federal Security Forces. Our replica weighs close to 35lbs, so while it has the potential to be abused, there is at least a huge disadvantage to carrying it.
  5. Not the best shot, but this is our newest piece of gear
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