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  1. More updated photos can be found here, here and here.
  2. More photos can be found here & here
  3. Our photographers Thanks to them, we can have lots of lovely photos
  4. Our MC (Master Chief) & ROs
  5. The "Shadow company" (mainly in plain T-shirts w/camo pants)
  6. This year's title "Lost in Iraq" Around 180 ppl attended, with US/UK/Aussie and 'Shadow company' This year's game is similar to the TV shows few years ago. Our 'enemies' are the 'Shadow companies'. Each game's had a mission (e.g. take out rocket platforms/strongholds...).
  7. Some photos from my reference database to make my Armalite. That's the reason why I pick the AR15A2 & the L119A1 instead of the SA80s
  8. According to MOD data, British force use A2 lower receiver with A1 upper (with shell deflector) in the Gulf War (1991), so I made that kind of Armalite. Another reason why they didn't use A2 rear sight's that, the A2 rear sight will 'move' during rapaid firing(losing accuracy), but the A1's didn't. Got that?
  9. My latest made L119A1 with my co-partner AR15A2 (Bravo2 Zero) The markings : L119A1 AR15A2
  10. Latest toy : L119A1 (Diemaco C8SFW)
  11. Here SHE comes!!! Our fierce 'her majesty' (actually she kills a lot!)
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