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  1. I know. It was a play on the real world, archive :(

  2. Nice review, How much did you pay for the sight?
  3. Chives?

    Its R-KivE

    Pronounced Archive

  4. AAAARRRR, chives!

  5. I am planning to spray my rifle this weekend and would like some to know a few things, My gun is a JG m4a1 and mostly plastic. The paints I will use are going to be matte and made up at a spray shop so I can get the exact match of colours I want. Will I need to sand down the gun? add primer etc? Or will it be fine just wiping down and spraying straight on? As much info as possible please.
  6. Awesome photos guys! God I can't wait to get some M90 gear!
  7. Ok, where can you find the modified front guard? Thanks
  8. The AK5C's are nice looking weapons, Is it possible to get an airsoft version of the rifle?
  9. There was no thread for one of the best looking/effective camo's out there so here it is, Get posting people!
  10. Just wondering if anyone has sprayed their gun in M90 Swedish camo before? I am thinking of doing this myself and wondered if anyone has any pics of guns done in the camo?
  11. Im looking at getting some sew on patches made for my team, where do you peeps get them done in the UK? Thanks
  12. I am interested in the silencer, and would like to see what it looks like on a gun. Preferably an M4.
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