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  1. Airsoft Smart Control Unit Introduction For those that do not know, the ASCU is a new type of MOSFET which replaces the original trigger assembly, which gives extra functionality. Considering it is a product that makes some bold claims, and is pretty much unique, there is surprisingly little review information regarding the ASCU online. As far as I know, first launched in 2006, yet nobody seems to have one! Currently only available for the V2 gearbox, which limits you broadly to M4/M16/MP5 variants. RRP is $99 (~£65) The unit itself claims: - Crisp Trigger Response - N
  2. My G36c all done up in Khaki, with the trades highlighted (and the rubbish ones filled!) using milliput. Hogue rubberised grip on there. Hopefully keep the paint from coming off the grip, and it's damn comfortable!
  3. Can't really comment on what else they feed in, except my G36c! Were quite wobby in a Battleaxe M4 magwell convertor - but I'm not sure if that was the magwell or the mags. Fed fine though, and solved the problem with some epoxy resin in the right places
  4. This is my first review, so let's see how it goes MAG M16 190 Rds Metal Midcap Intro MAG are a fairly new player in the airsoft scene, but seem to be winning friends all over the field with their offerings. They have the reputation of being high quality, with great capacity, but also at a decent price. Based on a lot of good words, and previous experience with their P90 mags I decided to take the plunge and buy 2 boxes of 5. Externals The magazine itself looks good. I always feel a metal magazine just looks a whole lot better than the plastic counter parts. Ther
  5. Some rather poor quality pics of my complete (dare I say it!) MC loadout! Weapons: Tan P90 Red Dot Tan Glock 17 in SERPA Top To Bottom.... - Cyre Hat - Heroshark Mesh Goggles - Heroshark Half Face Mask - eBay Throat Mic - Condor Vest ----Front ----Glock SERPA Holster ----2x Pistol Mags ----Back ----3x P90 Mags ----1x Radio - OPS Shirt (With Integrated Pads) - Bozzer Battle Belt ----4x P90 Mags ----1x Dump Pouch ----1x Ammo Pouch (BB's!) ----1x Pyro Pouch OPS Trousers (With Integrated Pads) Cheap Desert Walking Boots
  6. I put this one in the P90 thread, but that thread is dead, lol. So thought I'd share my efforts here!! White trades just used a wax crayon. Filled in the lower receiver trades with wax, Krylon'd the whole thing, and then removed wax with a pin. Has resulted in some chipping, looks better from afar! Might have to paint round with a tiny art brush or something! Flash takes some of the colour away, but it's a Khaki one.
  7. Tidied up the paintwork, and make an attempt at the trades
  8. Quite impressed with this picture from today. Coming to the end of winter here in the UK, so the woodlands are pretty dead! MC doing an excellent job!
  9. The half face mask is by Heroshark. Look up the username on here or Zero In. Best purchase in a long time
  10. How did I know the RIS would get a comment.... Every other reply on this thread is "omg not the ris". You'd think people would stop commenting by now.
  11. Joining the P90 club! Thoughts welcomed! I was trying to decide if anything more should be Khaki. Possibly the upper receiver below the mag? Keeping the upper receiver above the mag black. Also need to carve out the trades again on the main body, and redo the ones on the upper receiver again.
  12. UR Tactical do a lot of Multicam. Good stuff, and not bad prices.
  13. In regards to the grip... Just comfy I guess Large battery in the stock, reinforced metal gearbox and metal hop up. So all the weight is at the back/middle. Didn't realise I was doing it so much, to have it in all 3 pics though!!! In my defence.... many M4/M16 users (inc real steel) use the magwell as a foregrip.
  14. Yeh it's pretty cool One side is just a big field, and it backs onto the edge of the woods. Once your in, not really many options to get out alive! The bit I'm in there is the "dry" bit, lol. When I broke cover and took a jump in there was a bit of a dive into the unknown
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