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  1. so you looking at getting tribal then i wonder what the Arabic meant
  2. kool section 8 is that the one in scotland if so that is where im starting to airsoft soon . im just new to airsoft and just heard about it from my friends we are going to start going to section 8 often now
  3. according to http://www.royalmarines.mod.uk/server/show.../changeNav/7137 It is preferable if you don’t have tattoos, however the Royal Marines will not turn you away if you do, so don't let that stand in the way of your application. so hope that helps
  4. **Jun**

    Custom Gear

    yea much better than a pistol nice holster to
  5. yea i think its a deer why has it got a 8 ball on its head ?
  6. again nice review couldn't see much difference before
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