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  1. Wait the JG G3SAS has a metal receiver?
  2. Are these things custom made or actually from Crye?
  3. Can't wait to hear the details on this guns performance. Depending on how well it performs I think I found my next toy!
  4. My god you made a G3 SAS actually look awsome! Great looking gun.
  5. Reaper, what rail system is that you have on this rifle? And what is the length?
  6. Nah..it's nice to have a red dot, a Dcotor might drop the profile a tad though..but no since in buying something else when you have something that already fits the bill for what your trying to accomplish. Nice gun.
  7. Howdy- I am trying to build a G3K like some of the ones I have seen on here. I bought a broked JLS HK33 and have not picked it up from the local and will be buying a Classic army G3A3 from a guy locally. Does anyone know if the frontset from the JLS will work for the GsK mod? I hope so or I wasted 60$..LOL. Thanks for any information.
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