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  1. Looks good to me! Thanks for taking the suggestion on board!
  2. As has previously been discussed on the Arnies Facebook page I feel it would be beneficial for the forums to make the entire "Airsoft Chat" section visible to everyone who visits, regardless of whether they are logged in or not. Right now, unregistered users/guests can only see the "Airsoft News" section, and an FAQ section, neither of which do a good job of demonstrating the incredible amount and variety of content that is available on the forums. Content that could act as a draw to new users such as the picture sections and project discussions are completely hidden with no indication that
  3. Looks great, where did you source that red dot and mount from, and how do you find it?
  4. Terrifyingly enough, it has been well over a year since I last played... Time to fix that!

  5. Why not a combination of both? Drop the post limit down to say 50, and require all photos to include a named and dated piece of paper as well. That seems like a happy middle ground to me. I can't say I have bought or sold much in the way of secondhand from here or Zero In, but I think both systems work to a degree. Merging the two may work even better than they do separately. While yes the system here is good, we can't deny the fact that there have been scammers on here and generally dodgy people. All you need to do is look at the "Problems with sales online" section of the forums to see
  6. A selection of photos from Chloe Marie Casey and Chris's Wedding on Saturday 4th April 2015.Congratulations to you both!Have a fantastic honeymoon, and enjoy the rest of your lives together!

    1. hitmanNo2


      FYI, if a name ends with an S, you don't need the extra S. So it would just be Chris'.

    2. TB-Stalker
  7. Heading to Matchams for the racing!

  8. WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO Both Lancasters just flew over my house :D May have missed them at the Bournemouth Air Festival, but at least I got to see them :D

  9. Has anyone got a copy of the schedule for the Bournemouth Air Show yet?

  10. People with an XBox 360 should definitely come play the Destiny Beta with me...

    1. Gunmane


      Tried the ps4 version out for about a day or so. It is kind of boring without anyone in a personal group, already got that vibe. Is it still up?

  11. My rifle as it currently stands: G&P LMT TR by MrRWJP, on Flickr Parts list: G&P LMT TR MagPul PTS CTR OD MagPul PTS MOE Pistol Grip OD MagPul PTS AFG2 OD MagPul PTS EMag Element eM300a Weaponlight on Element Thorntail Light mount G&P Aimpoint Comp M2 on Clone KAC Mount Tokyo Marui Rail Covers (Temporary) I'll be replacing the rail covers soon with something more fitting the colour scheme, and I also have a KAC rear sight on the way from a seller on here to compliment the KAC front site that comes with the gun. I might also pick up one of the OD covers for the Aimpoi
  12. Now to decide what rail covers I like the look of most...

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Stuey


      badum tsh.


      I always thought the ladder type ones that fit in the rail notches look slick.

    3. RWJP


      Chris, it's just a generic "LMT" quad rail that comes standard with the G&P LMT TR: http://bit.ly/1nIcgln It's now got an OD CTR, MOE Pistol Grip and AFG2 on it (which was decided based on your advice a while back)

    4. TheFull9


      All I use these days is the ladders covers as mentioned above. Least weight, minimum addition of diameter to the forend, super quick to chop to specific lengths.

  13. Bought what must be one of the last OD CTR stocks available from retailers in the UK... And the price reflected it!

    1. NonEx


      Or that's what you tell yourself to justify the high price of the purchase ;)

    2. RWJP


      Shush! Don't ruin it!

  14. On my way too a job interview... Nerves are now in overdrive

    1. FireKnife


      You'll be fine.

    2. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      Or you won't be fine and terrible things will happen. Lightning will strike you and pop you like a water balloon.


      Or it'll be all cool, I guess that's good too. Let us know how it went!

  15. Rest in Peace Grandad, Ian James "Pat" Patrick: 08/01/1932 - 13/01/2014You will be missed.

    1. Leon Kennedy
    2. FireKnife


      82 eh, a good age to get to and hope your Grandad had a great life that you can all remember him for.

    3. RWJP


      God alone knows why this only just showed up on here two days ago! This status is two months old!

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