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  1. Phone rings, and internet drops out...Seriously Virgin Media? We're paying for ADSL, not Dial Up!

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    2. Wild_XIII


      I've had the same issue before. BT kept trying to blame it on the house wiring, and then one day we magically get a letter from BT saying that they're doing maintenance on the line. After that we have no internet drop outs at all. GG BT :-/

    3. RWJP


      I'd love to get a letter like that!


      We're switching over to BT Infinity 2 shortly, when the engineer comes over, i'm gonna grill him about the awful noise on our line.

    4. -Drake-


      Good luck with that I canceled and switched 3 months back and I'm still getting ever mounting bills and threatening letters from them for internet I'm no longer getting....

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