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  1. I know. I saw their pictures several years ago, at some airsoft show. So far, no joy ((
  2. Hi, everyone, Have anyone attempted to convert a Type97 into an LSW? Just wanted to know what barrel extension and bipods can fit.
  3. Hi! Well, about 3 years of playing with Type 97 and I've got the first real breakdown. We had a little skirmish two weeks ago and my AEG would jam. I used the spring release several times and it would go on shooting. And everything was OK. Then, last Saturday I charged the battery and checked the gun.... It jammed completely. So I had to disassemle the GB. And guess, what have I found??? The selector gear shaft has broken... Pity..... But, nevertheless, it had worked for some time with broken shaft))))) So, I'll have that gear replaced. And I have a question. What is the best shim
  4. I have contacted the RS International and they said that it is possible to attach a grenade launcher, but this would require some remodeling ))) But perhaps someone has already attached an M203 or GP-30 to Type97. Or not? The rumours are that RS intends to produce its own grenade launcher for Type97 but this is very uncertain.
  5. Hi! Pals, I got a question. Has anyone tried to mount a grenade launcher to Typ97? As for the spring guide they say that a standard V3 spring guide (CA or Systema) will fit.
  6. Sisco4, this is awesome!!!! Two thumbs up!!!
  7. Well, here is my TM Fa-Mas F1!! Inside: GB - stock Inner barrel - Systema 6.04 Tight Barrel for G3 (469 mm) Outside: Red Dot - Aimpoint M68/CCO (replica) 5 MAG Mid-caps modified for Fa-mas (3 more are waiting for their turn).
  8. Nikgor


    This is my TM Fa-Mas F1!!!
  9. A nice thing. I got one myself. On of the main bugs, and most frequent, is that that output valve is letting out too much gas ((( Thus, one gas charge is enough only for 14-15 shots. As I was told this is cured by installing TM High Output Valve for M1911. And I am going to buy a TM M1911 mag to have two mags. Perhaps, two more mags ))) And only TM, not CA mags.
  10. Hi!!! I am one of the Famas users and I really like it!!! So, as I was reading this thread, I came across pictures of Famas with M203 от rails. And it just occured to me to do the same ))) All I need is a closer look at the rails attached to the handguard. Just to make it clear. Would anyone post them? PS. I have modified the MAG mid-caps to fit into my Famas without making any changes to magwell. They fit OK!!! As though they were meant for it ))) I'll post some pics when I get some time to make photos of my Famas. Thanks.
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