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  1. Nikgor

    Real Sword Type 97

    I know. I saw their pictures several years ago, at some airsoft show. So far, no joy ((
  2. Nikgor

    Real Sword Type 97

    Hi, everyone, Have anyone attempted to convert a Type97 into an LSW? Just wanted to know what barrel extension and bipods can fit.
  3. Nikgor

    Real Sword Type 97

    Hi! Well, about 3 years of playing with Type 97 and I've got the first real breakdown. We had a little skirmish two weeks ago and my AEG would jam. I used the spring release several times and it would go on shooting. And everything was OK. Then, last Saturday I charged the battery and checked the gun.... It jammed completely. So I had to disassemle the GB. And guess, what have I found??? The selector gear shaft has broken... Pity..... But, nevertheless, it had worked for some time with broken shaft))))) So, I'll have that gear replaced. And I have a question. What is the best shimming scheme for the Type 97? I want to assemble it myself))))
  4. Nikgor

    Real Sword Type 97

    I have contacted the RS International and they said that it is possible to attach a grenade launcher, but this would require some remodeling ))) But perhaps someone has already attached an M203 or GP-30 to Type97. Or not? The rumours are that RS intends to produce its own grenade launcher for Type97 but this is very uncertain.
  5. Nikgor

    Real Sword Type 97

    Hi! Pals, I got a question. Has anyone tried to mount a grenade launcher to Typ97? As for the spring guide they say that a standard V3 spring guide (CA or Systema) will fit.
  6. Nikgor


    This is my TM Fa-Mas F1!!!

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