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  1. Aye, its a massive shame. That part being steel would have completed it, perhaps after market or a 3d printer somewhere might cater for something more solid.
  2. Just dont drop it. The material used for the outer barrel under the handguard is very thin. Dropped my g3 from waist height and snapped it.
  3. Damn that carbine is pretty damned cool....better keep the credit card ready.
  4. Same, it's getting harder to resist. Where did you get the adjustable valve BTW?
  5. It would be nice to see some internals shots if at all possible. I'll admit im tempted by the VFC.
  6. Thanks for that, I'll give it a go.
  7. Nice and confusing.
  8. More details here: https://www.popularairsoft.com/news/aps-announce-new-cam-mk3-shotgun Only thing that seems worth mentioning is they reckon it is more powerful (360 ~ 380 FPS) due to the longer pin. Might grab one when I have spare cash lying around but will stick to my MK1 for now.
  9. Interesting indeed. Apart from gas in bolt though what we're the differences? Wonder if we will see Mkiv shells now then. Gas in shell plus quick loading would be rad.
  10. Is there a way to improve the shell ejection? Im finding that randomly the shells will extract fine but wont eject, leading to a double feed.
  11. They have popped up at this retailer: http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p38221/APS-9rds-Gen-3-Shell-For-CAM-MKII-CO2-Shotgun-(25-Cartridges)/product_info.html
  12. Well that is certainly interesting. I would presume they are MKII only, perhaps these are also APS's response to the poor power/range of the MKII system?
  13. New shells as in the mk2 or the smart shells?
  14. So far the annoyance is getting hold of one that isnt massively overpriced in the UK. Sadly APS do not ship to the UK for some reason. Didnt know Dominator shottys can be modded though, I will look into that.
  15. Tempted to completely change up my style and grab one of these. Kinda tired of GBBR's after years of using them, had a go of a friends full length APS 870 and it was a buttload of fun. Apart from the jams.
  16. What hop buckings are people using? I've never really been impressed with my AUG's range or accuracy whilst using it and would like to upgrade, cant really justify the cost of a VSR hop chamber though.
  17. Really do like that bullpup kit. The trigger does put me off though, bit of spray paint may help with the colour at least though.
  18. The VSR conversion is now out: http://www.wgcshop.com/products?search_From=special&item=a-plus-hop-up-chamber-for-ghk-aug-gbbr&search=special&rs=New%20Release&catid=&cat=&view_choice=b
  19. Had my first skirmish with this yesterday and had a tonne of fun. Good accuracy and range with .30's, a loud and distinctive sound if you are on the wrong end. Only issue I had was my mags kept jamming, though I put this down to my BB's. Had another smirkisher there with an AUG who had no such problems.
  20. I've also received my AUG and I must say Im impressed. Solid build throughout, unlike Zereck my forward grip has zero movement at all. I also had no damage at all to my gun. Mag are indeed VERY tight in the magwell and require a firm push to lock, however this was getting a little easier with reloads. Probably just needs a bit of break in time, till then just dont hit it. Unfortunately I cant range or accuracy test anymore as I've moved home and dont have much of a garden any more. It does use the standard GHK rubber though which is OK in my opinion, nothing stellar though. Would love to kn
  21. Actually, I found switching from gas to co2 mags using this nozzle did not change the FPS at all.
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