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  1. If he wants I have the 9" socom Gear rail I would trade him for his. It fits like a glove.
  2. Just installed A Rock River Arms Charging handle and forward assist......they work with no mods at all. Also I have the RA-Tech NPAS coming in the mail for both the M4 and SCAR. I will let everyone know the results when I get them installed.
  3. I have and this is all they carry. http://www.airsoftpost.com/parts-wetech-ri...s-c-26_580.html
  4. My V1 BCG did not have that hole...but my spare and two of my friends V2's did. It does not effect anything. that was most likely like that when you bought you just didn't notice. mine was like that when I received it from AB and both my friends bought theirs from Airsoft extreme and they had them.
  5. I have to tell you Airsoft123 is doing a stand up job. This whole problem with screws not included in the package that is on TSC not 123. Lou over at Airsoft123 answers every email with in a hour and resolves every problem. Combine this with the free shipping and I wont go anywhere else.
  6. Yeah I have a SCAR over at my house I have been upgrading for a friend and it gets almost 3 mags a bulb right know.
  7. Guys I just received my uni-directional valve and it came with the screw. All the ones that were ordered when they were out of stock will be receiving the second batch ones with the set screw.
  8. I talked to Lou over at airsoft123 and he said that the screw missing on the uni-directional valve assembly was a mistake and anyone who got one with out he will make it up to you....email him. Also the new shipment he got all have the locking screw.
  9. Cool, I will go and get the G&P bucking. Thanks bud
  10. Roecar are you using the stock hopup chamber still?
  11. Monkey I hear you. That might have been harsh but every time WETTI shows his face on this thread people try to murder him, It gets annoying. I'm not calling anyone cheap if they purchased a AWSS they spent good money. I'm just stating that every gun has issues and I cant think of one manufacturer that has gone to the customers and listened. That's why I put in example my PTW. I spent a grip load of money I really couldn't afford for a gun that had its issues. All guns have some issues even RS M4's have issues. PS. If I offended anyone please forgive me I have no key control. Please feel f
  12. You have to be kidding me! You guys are upset because you had to spend no more than $30 (at most) on a part to get your gun shooting good? Lets see you paid $400 on your rifle and maybe a additional $150 in parts that's probably over estimating also. I have V1 and didn't spend that much on parts. You have a grand total of $550 for your set up.......that's still cheaper than a WA. WA has more problems then AWSS has had and the parts a double the cost with NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. You guys are Jokes and need to go back to springer's. I spent $1500 on a PTW that after 4 months had a motor go out.....
  13. even with the semi out it still shoots flawless great range and accuracy......I love this thing
  14. I have a V1 and after I installed the CO2 kit after about 200rds my semi went completely out. I'm in the same boat you are in. If someone could show me a picture of the piece that has gone out to caused this can you post a pic? Thanks
  15. Trip on that.....now there is 4 different trades available on the receiver to choose from.
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