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  1. They're from the Leon 10" custom Desert Eagle.
  2. BillyWu

    $1K club.

    Haha, yeah it's the real gold one 24ct hardened to 22ct. I dunno what else to do with it now. I would get a 10" barrel and get that gold plated, but they don't make metal ones.
  3. BillyWu

    $1K club.

    Got some new grips for it
  4. Here's the Desert Eagle again, complete with rare grips:
  5. A little album showing off a few rare/uncommon/pimped guns :)
  6. Not sure, it isn't on the gun though. I got it done at Pure Gold Plating UK
  7. BillyWu

    $1K club.

    LOL! I love the "SURPRISE, COCK FAG!!" on the dust cover there. Team America <3 That's actually a very nice looking gun Well done good sir.
  8. BillyWu

    $1K club.

    Thank you kindly guys I appreciate your comments! I wouldn't say I'm "compensating" for anything I'm just a fan of big guns is all. And yes my hands can handle the gun easy
  9. Thank you kind sirs I appreciate nice comments like those and not dopey ones some users on other forums have given me
  10. Ladies and gentlemen, my Desert Eagle..
  11. BillyWu

    $1K club.

    Ladies and gentlemen, my Desert Eagle.. Make: Tokyo Marui Model: Desert Eagle .50AE, hard kick version Upgrades (internal) -6.04 Inner barrel -150% hammer spring -High flow valve in the magazine -(Optional) 150% recoil spring, but I prefer the stock ones because the slide locks when out of BB's -Guarder polycarbonate loading muzzle Upgrades (external) -Guarder metal slide and frame (started as the limited electroplated silver edition) -(Optional) Hogue rubber grips with finger grooves -24ct (hardened to 22ct) REAL gold plating -(Optional) Freedom Art red sight
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... My fully upgraded, full metal, REAL gold plated Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle hard kick! Obviously this is not yet assembled, but once I get the parts back in a few days, I'll repost it!
  13. Basing my thoughts on the price of the TM SOPMOD M4, I'd say it'd drop about £50 over 6 months.
  14. I'm not sure. I imagine it's all compatible as not a lot is different.
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