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  1. Sorry guys. Have been having trouble with my internet. Barrel length is 363mm. The Prometheus tightbore 363mm I bought was a perfect drop in and the same length as the original. Price was about $280 at Airsoft GI, saved a good bit with one of their 10% coupons as well.
  2. Also, double posting- EDIT has been disabled. Airsoftology episode 25 featured my review along with Robert Irwin's review of The Mall!
  3. It has come to my attention that user 'sputnik' has copy-and-pasted my review word-for-word over to NEASG - Let me make it clear. If I find my review anywhere but where I have posted it, and I know you didn't have permission to put it there, you will suffer to the full extent of what you can be punished for. PM me. Have a little damn respect. I put in the work to write this review. Even though I'm still getting credit for writing it, I want say in where my writing goes.
  4. @average, is that a real-steel VLTOR flash hider or an airsoft replica?
  5. I have heard that KWAs are very finicky regarding mags- MAG brand especially. My VFC has no problems at all with MAG, Echo 1 dogs of war, or PMAG midcaps, or an Airsoft Elite hicap.
  6. rebster, testify, thank you for the kind words. The ACOG is wonderful. I've got it zeroed at about 60-80 feet, which is the typical range of engagement at my field. The iron sights on top work surprisingly well, and the outside of the scope itself has a slightly rubberized finish, which is nice as it will cut down on the amount of weathering the scope will receive.
  7. Double post, edit button is gone... This video was linked by a fellow forumer over on ASB, it is a mechbox takedown showing what all the internals are. VFC M4 gearbox
  8. Very sorry I haven't been around to answer questions.. busy weekend. I did, however the forums were angry with me for doing so. There's an image limit =\ In my opinion, after having the VFC, I would not ever want a plastic bodied M4. The G&G CM is great for a budget rifle, as it's got good internals and the plastic will hold up very well, but the G&G CM does not hold a candle at all to the feel of the VFC. It's worth every penny. Thank you all for the kind words!
  9. The LE stock is just a tad bit rattly and does not lock all the way forward in its shortest configuration, but it makes up for it in comfort. The next to last setting is just about perfect for me and the rattle is almost unnoticeable beyond the first notch. My main gripes are that the included VFC midcap magazine was DOA, and the silicon lube residue in various places on the gun. Accessories As far as accessories go, any M4 accessory will fit it. I believe this is a mil-spec replica, due to the design of the stock, gas tube, and delta ring, so it is likely that re
  10. This is a copy-n-paste of the thread I posted on Airsoft Barracks. VFC E-series Full Metal M4 full photo review Written by Annun Cirith Table of contents: First Impressions Accessories Externals Internals Performance Comparison Pros & Cons Ordering The Final Word First Impressions Airsoft GI packed my VFC E-series M4 securely in a large box padded at both ends. There was no damage on arrival. After opening the shipping box, I was greeted by a flat black box with a single sticker on the front, pictured below. After openi
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