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  1. Mega12

    1911 Picture Thread

    No offense, but you have no taste then. Nothing looks better on silver 1911s than a pair of nice black grips. If you get some of those grips that come from a kimber SIS, the half carbon fiber ones, that would be uber hawt.
  2. Mega12

    Glock Picture Thread

    So when I see 23 alot, it just happens to be a coincedent?
  3. Mega12

    Glock Picture Thread

    what's with the number 23, besides that movie with jim carey? I see that alot on rifles
  4. Mega12

    1911 Picture Thread

    Nice pianoblack nice, did you do that two tone effect yourself?
  5. Mega12

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    On paper the HK416 is better than the M4, are you saying HK made up those stats to make the M4 look bad? Same with the Scar and the XM8, those rifles on paper are better than the M4, are you saying they are also made up too?

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