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  1. As per topic title I'm looking for a Marui 1911 MEU.
  2. As per topic title I'm looking for a Marui 1911 MEU.
  3. PPM05

    LCT EBB prototypes - MP5, SCAR H, M16, G3, CQBR

    Great stuff, looking forward to the MP5, but they really need to make them stop firing on empty or its pointless.
  4. PPM05


    I've heard the VFC forged series line of GBBR's are excellent so maybe not all hope is lost.
  5. PPM05

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    True, but it would've been better the other way round. Release a plain M4A1 first, enabling you to offer it at a slightly lower price point to make it more accessible and get people on-board and then later on release a PTS version. Don't get me wrong I think the system is great and I genuinely want to see it succeed as I believe its the only revolutionary AEG we've had since TM released the recoil shock series almost 10 years ago. With that said I've been disappointed by the recent developments, as it currently stands I don't believe the numbers make sense. If I have to be limited to GBBR mag capacity and mag price then I'd rather get a VFC M4 forged series GBBR for $1000 less, which is fully licensed, better finished, kicks harder and is overall more realistic.
  6. PPM05

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    Which brings up another point I forgot to make earlier. Whilst the PTS rail, grip and stock are nice they should also be offering a plain jane M4A1 (preferably Colt licensed or unmarked) at a lower price point. Because lets be real, if they actually knew their target market they'd know that people who spend upwards of $1.5k on a replica will want to put their own furniture on it.
  7. PPM05

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    Not that bad? That's exactly the price of a TM MWS M4A1 mag which is a lot more expensive to produce for obvious reasons as it has to hold gas. These are clearly overpriced, you're delusional if you think otherwise. Yes, I've read the whole thread and I perfectly understand who the target market is because I'm part of it. An option for at least 90/120 bb's is needed if you want to actually skirmish with it. I love it when "milsim" players get on their high horse and think that running anything above 60 bb's is unrealistic, as if 1 or 2 bb's are the equivalent of a .223 round.
  8. PPM05

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    https://www.gblsusa.com/collections/accessories/products/30-60-rounds-light-gray-steel-magazine-gbls-das-gdr-15-m4a1-airsoft-gun $45 dollars for one mag is ridiculous. That's GBBR mag pricing, which negates one of the biggest advantages this replica could have had over them. If that wasn't enough they decided to limit BB capacity to a max of 60 rounds for no good reason since they are not limited by green gas or co2. Yet another potential advantage over GBBR's that they did not capitalize on. I guess they couldn't be off to a worse start than this.
  9. PPM05

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    I'm pretty sure "real steel" handguards fit fine, just as my KAC RIS does
  10. PPM05

    KJW M4

    I hope you'll be able to produce these soon, I want a second GBBR build which isn't WA System based ... but for setup purposes I really can't stand the thermold magazines. So KJW is not planning on releasing any other type of magazine design apart the current one ? P.S. What are the two WA platform products you are working on if I may ask ?
  11. PPM05

    KJW M4

    Any news on either STANAG or PMAG's coming out for this platform ? That's really the only thing that's holding me back from buying this unfortunately

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