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  3. Shame about the rubbish-ness of my camera, but here we are. Some real, some airsoft. Some real converted into airsoft *edit* d'oh! The_Boy_Swift posting as pooky by accident...but some of the mags are hers
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    The state of Polivia is the latest to leave the Soviet Union. Tensions are running high between East and west after a UN aid package lead by the US and Britain has been sent to help rebuild Polivia. The Soviets, fearing aggressive moves from the West on other states increases its border security around Polivia. As both sides bolster their borders, a slow but inevitable slide to war ensues and neither side seems prepared to back off. With Soviet troops advancing towards Polivia the NATO forces have their readiness to fight increased, the US goes to DEFCON 3 across the board. The Small UN forc
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