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  1. Hi guys. Any know solution to wobbling outer barrel ? That screw is just un gettin lose after few games.
  2. Does anybody knows what size is that screw which holds trigger unit inside of lower receiver ?
  3. Is not about me, is about two of us who was there and asked several questions, and got straight answeres. There was no doubts about either attacking the base either sending spies, we've heard no. As I did mention we would not wait until night with assault of the base, but we were told not to attack during the day. We were told this by guys from Afghan village - SA staff ? Guess so. At least they acted like staff on "Afghan" side. I hope that SA staff will take all what was here said on board and consider as criticism rather than moaning. None the less, lets close this chapter and make fresh st
  4. I would like to add some comments at the end. Altough Op.Redwing was not typical win/lose event. We'd rather wish to play in rate 1 Taliban vs 2 US Army players than 1 to 1 and be as Stealthbomber have said cannon fodders. If someone is going to tell you not to shoot anybody with 500 fps rifle at shortest distance of 30 meters, will you do it from 10 ? Rules are rules and they must be obeyed regardless of our likes or willings. You would not have to wait for us until night in the base. But we were said not to attack. Ask yourself if you would be on my position would you go? I know i
  5. I am closely watching this thread and want to say in public. Thank you RichardY for fixing my SOPMOD and making ready before 24 hrs milsim. After Rich have sent it back to me, I went to nearby site, adjusted hopup unit lined up with red dot. The gun is accurate like surgeons scalpel. I didnt have many opportunities to shoot during last time, but when I did then result was the same - counter player got hit and I didnt have to empty half of the magazine. Aparently I own both SOPMOD and WE GBB-R. SOPMOD from replacement grew up to my primary assault rifle & GBB-R is going to be snipe
  6. Sure thing. I guess we will come for july event. We love hardcore events but what we did not like was the way we were puted in our role and boundries around it. Cant wait again to reach Blackhill in all the gear and those turists and way they did look at us - you know what I mean.
  7. We are not worried about anybody using NV. Guys have NV camo and other stuff, but this is not the strenght of our team. Our strengh is to make counter players side weaker of about 60 - 70 % of nominal force during the day. This gives better advantage than any NV or TV or whatever for the night.
  8. Hi everybody. First of all i would like to make it clear. I am typing on behave of group of 13 players, the reason is not to complaint about lack of action or event to be to hard. I am typing about not celar not the same rules and missleading informations given to Taliban side. These informations were not given for us to make our tactical situation clear, they were given to us in order to us out of initiative. It was not my intention to make any clashes between players but it was to tell that not everybody have had fun, and not because they are weak, but beacuse of the rules. I cant
  9. Whole our group of 13 players have participated in event Operation Red Wing by Stirling Airsoft. Hearing lot of good opinions we wanted to participate in something what will be as realistic as can be. Enthusiasm was huge but what we found on site was way below the claims of Stirling Airsoft. We arrived at about 1:00 am the day before the event. I have to say that everything related to signing in and alocation our group in our camp was well organised and executed very smooth, regardles of late hour. As role of taliban fighters we were called in for briefing and introduction of H&S rules
  10. May be finally some good news. I am not intend to buy anything at the moment. Just got back my online status after movement, try to have a look around and figure out how things are at the moment. Thats why I've asked about. But thank You for advice anyway. Is there any reliable (not AB) source of WE anodized receivers ?
  11. I've studied this topic from my last visit, and it seem that there is still no reliable fix for trigger unit. I was silly because bought TSC CNC trigger parts with black trigger and guess what happened ? Rifle operates normaly on semi auto but on auto is madness. Just as bolt cach works, then I do press it and rifle shots auto without touching the trigger. In frist though might assebled something wrong, but checked on the pictures with original parts and everything is just like was before. Hows new Stinger hop up for working ? Any better than orginal WE ? Is it worth its price ?
  12. TSC thing has no effect whatsoever apart nice blue color ;-)
  13. Yesterday milsim Operation Infiltration - Eversley UK
  14. Nothing to add. @Autotechnica - I did full auto test on both propane and CO2 magz. Propane = disaster, but on CO2, altough ROF was ######, rifle did work much better. Even bolt cach did work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3r_k9FGGCs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdXAaMCRsBM...feature=related
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwa65zGtS84 1st person view
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