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  1. Thats just a Silverback Airsoft laser grip, works well!
  2. Just put together my G34 yesterday! Team photo
  3. Inokatsu M4, Custom Diemaco C8A2 style, VFC HK416 D145RS
  4. I'll admit it is pretty awkward to use, I just remember somebody wanted to see what it looked like on top of a G36 optical rail so there it is! If you were wearing a full face mask and goggles it would probably be at a good height, but to use it otherwise wouldn't be too comfortable. It just looks cool lol
  5. This replica is some random china clone copy made of steel that I bought from Dragon Red Airsoft last year, it's solid and works great! As for that mechanical winding key, there is actually a MadBull M470 CO2 mechbox installed and a CO2 cartridge goes in the grip. That mechbox never works right and is best served as a door stop, but I just used it to put the gun together lol.
  6. Colt Canada C8SFW / L119A1
  7. You can take her out on a date, but only if you buy her dinner at a fancy establishment.
  8. Time for a family picture!
  9. Here's the build list. Price $313.00 USD http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=24426
  10. UNCo Custom TM M92 with Guarder frame/slide kit
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