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    Fun Airsoft with friends!
  1. atz

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    M4A1 GBBR WE + M203 QD Painted with Krylon OD and TAN
  2. atz

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    The shotgun is a Maruzen CA870, the masterkey body is G&P (as the front set) And the masterkey is Mounted like an M203QD. You insert it in the barrel nut and clip the QD ring on the outer barrel. As easy as One, two, three!
  3. atz

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    My M870 Masterkey.
  4. atz

    1911 Picture Thread

    That's a nice 45 you have there. Good work!
  5. atz

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    NOOOOOO!!!! Captain Skypower back from the deads!!! I've been a Bad boy. I have spend money...again... I will show you.
  6. atz

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    MY Paraclete HPC, to play "light" in CQB.
  7. atz

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    My SPR MK12mod0 GBB . The base is a WE M4A1 GBB.
  8. atz

    1911 Picture Thread

    My last wilson, Western arms Wilson Combat super grade.

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