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    Phoenix Woodland, 15th March 2009?
  2. Yes, theres 3 sets on this page alone, 2 in OD and 1 in tan.
  3. Lol, sorry Did you get all the ALICE gear from ebay?
  4. Said it before, but LOVE IT, just get rid of the L85.
  5. Liking the RAV Iain, especially the camelback, that thing looks really cool.
  6. @Guzzi: its an MOD site and the farmer left them there for the sheep to eat. Well, thats as far as I can remember anyway
  7. Few pics of me and 2 of my mates on sunday doing some medicing what a poser... lol
  8. what kind of stock is that on the gun at the bottom? IronWolf: Remove the img tags if you need to quote a picture.
  9. My team mates and I all have Bitter End mesh goggles and have been using them for almost a year, no dents or anything to speak of. Only thing on mine is that the paint has scratched a bit from BB strikes, but they are still solid as a rock
  10. i have to ask as i thought my warrior RICAS was a plate carrier, but when people say plate carrier is it simply designed to carry the plates and not a whole lot else, since the ones i have seen in this thread dont have much room for MOLLE attatchments
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