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  1. The suppressor on the Echo 1 branded full metal one I have is hollow
  2. A few images from a local game today, running this kit at the next Milsim West event for the Cossack side, hence the ribbon of st george
  3. Not really based on anything other than trying to make this as heavy as possible Dboys AK-74M Primary Arms Aimpoint Clone FMA LA-5 Night Evolution Surefire clone
  4. The Marui 226E2 mags work fine in my regular KJW 226, if that helps
  5. What kind of flashlight mount is that?
  6. My current 'airsofter' kit, running dual comms with a Puxing PX-888 for communicating within my team as well as a Motorola Talkabout for communicating with others in a platoon at events. This is still pretty work in progress, its been kinda haphazardly assembled over the past few months. Wishlist includes making the CQBR into a full Block 1 or 1.5, a VTAC or Way of the Gun sling, a Source ILPS bladder, a better war belt (Eagle RLCS?), better dump pouch, BFG Ten-speed for the front, and pouches that match. It’s worked pretty well for me so far, though. Kitlist on request
  7. That's better than the three day orientation I had to do at my college, where we had maybe 3-4 hours of actually useful things like selecting courses and getting residential life rules and such and the rest of it was annoying forced socializing activities that nobody seemed interested in
  8. BF3 is going to destroy my computer

  9. I do want it to be easily upgradeable, at least CPU/GPU wise- My family has a computer we got in ~2005 and all we've done is put in a new CPU and GPU and it still runs most games today on full. I may also go for the 550 Ti just from a price standpoint, and I can always put in a new card later on in life. EDIT: Hmmm, maybe this? Puts me a bit over my price range, and I'd still need to buy a monitor and keyboard and such... Maybe drop the Titanium X-fi for one of these http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.644177 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp
  10. Hey all, I've started thinking about buying/building my first gaming desktop, but I'm rather lost in what to buy. I'm not 100% sure if I'm confident in myself to be able to build it, but the amount of money saved may outweigh that worry. I've got a budget of about $1000, and I was thinking of building it around an i7 processor (non-sandy bridge) and a nVidia card, maybe a GTX 560 Ti, with a terabyte harddrive and Creative X-fi Titanium card. Other than that, however, I'm completely lost in what to buy as far as motherboard, power supply, tower and all the other various things that come wit
  11. Its a legal requirement, we have lots of companies like Safe Auto that only provide the minumum.
  12. Gosickgosickgosickgosick

    1. aznriptide859
    2. Misfit



  13. That's probably the most IDF or Hamas players I've ever seen in one place. High quality kits
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