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  1. Gumball

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Echo 1 Redstar AKM
  2. Gumball

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    there is one for sale on ebay, its a cyma though http://www.ebay.com/itm/110734664987?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_500wt_949
  3. Gumball

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    haha, thanks bud. http://airsoft-club.com/shop/external-upgrade/grip-stock/stock/airsoft-romania-folding-butt-stock-for-ak47-ak74 It doesnt say out of stock either.It was added to the catalog on apr 11 of this year so there is a good chance its not.
  4. Gumball

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    It's not hat bad, throws it off balance a little but I can't complain, I'm thinking of getting a t1 so that should lighten things up.
  5. Gumball

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    No fancy shots here, i was taking some pics for my sale thread so i said why not just take pics of my current ak collection. Outdoor Rifle - CM050 CQB Rifle - CM045(my favorite) Newest Addition - RK 08(still need to plan on what im doing with this)
  6. Gumball

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    +1 for this, anyone know?
  7. Gumball

    What's your backup?

    KWA G19.....its a beast
  8. Gumball

    Glock Picture Thread

    kWA Glock 19 Put a mechanical safety in and drilled a hole into the bottom of the hand grip for a plug(heavy modification of the plug needed for it to fit). Drilled two holes in the plug so i could use a lanyard aswell...didnt do a perfect job but im pretty satisfied. ps. sorry for bad pic quality
  9. Gumball

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    i think thats what ill do, im gonna need another ak pouch if i ever do get an rrv so i might as well. Thank you sir
  10. Gumball

    M14 Picture Thread

    nice and simple, beautiful m14 you have there
  11. Gumball

    Pics of your Gear

    holy smokes, that looks amazing!good work
  12. Gumball

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    thank you sir! I may have to get an RRV soon though, just bought 16 mags and i have nowhere to put 12 of them lol
  13. Gumball

    VFC KAC PDW Review

    All found on Evike.com, hope that helped.
  14. Gumball

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Pantac MBSS Front and Back Condor AK Mag pouches KWA M19 + Serpa Pantac MAP EI Belt + Pad Pantac Dump pouch Pantac Leg Panel Phantom Pistol pouch Pantac Medic Pouch

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