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  1. Dom S

    1911 Picture Thread

    Hi guys, quick question. Would a TM Hi cappa 5.1 guide rod be compatable with a TM 1911? Or a MEU? Im wanting to fit a recoil guide rod to my MEU, i know i need to faff with the stopper, what mods would i need to do to make it fit? Any alternatives? Thanks. Also, that springfield.. those grips.... just, amazing
  2. Dom S

    KJW M4

    Great, thats really good, thanks Mr Treble. I could probably expect all the other gas m4's to perform in a similar way. Now i know this isnt really the place, but some of you may know anyway. If i were to get an adjustable buffer, how exactly does this work? does it work in a siimilar way to an npas? Will this help to lower the wear on my gun if im using it with green gas, and use this to lower the fps? Thanks Guys
  3. Dom S

    KJW M4

    Yea, i could get an AGM with fully CNC'd aluminium internals delivered for that much now :/ These looked so promising, its a shame they never really seemed to hit the market.
  4. Dom S

    KJW M4

    Anyone got any ideas where these are currently in stock? looked high and low for one...
  5. Dom S

    1911 Picture Thread

    Seraphein, absolutely beautiful. Can you post a picture of it with the slide locked back please, and a close up of the front of the muzzle, would be very much appreciated
  6. Dom S

    1911 Picture Thread

    Punky, that baby hi cappa is a small component of THE SEX, im sure of it. Its beautiful. I just dont know why though, but i hate the grips on hi cappa's. They just look too fat for me, especially on a wee lil shooter like that. Id rather get a 1911 double stacker, much thinner, and still looks shweet
  7. Dom S

    1911 Picture Thread

    That they are, just about, but i really wouldnt reccomend it. The problem is the tolerances on the bell mags are just, well, *suitcase*. They are *supposed* to be, but many people have found they have problems with not quite fitting etc, and they often develop a leak quickly, or leak right out the box. Plus, why would you use normal 1911 mags in a MEU? Sacrilige if you ask me. You're better off spending the few extra $ getting the ARMY MEU mags, there good quality, and relatively cheap (in comparison to TM MEU mags), but you can still get 2 with change from £30
  8. Dom S

    1911 Picture Thread

    Its an Army MEU, and yes, im aware they're bad pictures, but my proper camera is broken, was just looking for some input on what needed silverificating (yes its a real word) Yea, wet sanding does help to minimise scratches. Did you polish yours afterwards? what with? Did you then seal it? What with? Sorry for all the questions, but seems like yours has maintained its shine better than mine. Punky, loving the 1911, its almost detonics ish. Though personally, i think its a shame it has no trades to speak of. Nice pic though
  9. Dom S

    1911 Picture Thread

    Well i had to do something about the scuff marks on the chamber, so now, ive begun sanding down the barrel and chamber. 800 grit, then 1000 wet and dry. Now it just needs polishing up and sealing. With the silver trigger, silver barrel and chamber, and silver grip screws, i think there needs to be a little bit more. I cant decide whether to give the grip safety, ambi safety, both, or neither, the same treatment. Anyway, what do you guys think?
  10. Dom S

    1911 Picture Thread

    This arrived yesterday from ebaybanned, Less that 10 days between placing the order and arrival, so cant complain! Sorry for the pics, cant find my camera so used the one on my phone instead. Actually very surprised, for a gu8n that cost £45 including shipping, it shoots really well, and looks really nice too. Good quality finishing, and it seems the quality control has really been stepped up.
  11. Dom S

    1911 Picture Thread

    Hey guys, you seemed to be the ones to ask about this sort of thing... Ive got an Army MEU on the way (black one), im intending to polish up the inner barrel and lower frame, should look pretty kick *albatross* on the outside.... Now i just need to know what to do to the inside? If i gave you a budget of say £50, what would YOU do? im not really wanting hi flows, or uprated hammer springs, as its a gas guzzler and shoots over 300 on green as is. I was thinking maybe recoil spring, but ive heard this stops it locking back? Which i also dont want. Im thinking a new hop rubber, i was looking at the "shark hop rubber 60", is this a good choice? any different reccomendations? And also, the obligatory tightbore, possibly a PDI 6.1 if i can source one.... Anything else you can think of? Ill have to post some pictures when im done. Thanks!

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