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  1. Wondering how much a Tanaka Trench Gun is worth?

  2. If I got one, the second I left the room it would have a dress on it.
  3. My main comment would be that you should adjust the GoPro position, the footage is good, but for instance, in the first engagement, when you're shooting from behind the tree, when you bring the scope up to your eye, it then obscures a large amount of the screen so the viewer misses the action shots of the rounds going towards target. I'd suggest putting the GoPro on one side of your helmet, so that as you're looking down the optic, viewers can clearly see where the rifle is pointing, plus rounds hitting targets.
  4. Getting my GHK blooded at Ironsight airsoft last weekend:
  5. Urgh, silly tapatalk not posting properly.
  6. Went out and got it blooded. Ran like a damn train, so happy it and made a lot of people very unhappy in the process http://imgur.com/SuvvT7P
  7. When Kic post your parcel to an address you haven't lived at for 3 years on the other side of the country.. *facepalm*

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. NonEx


      Always have your PayPal addresses up to date!


    3. TB-Stalker


      Tell me about it man, don't know how it has gone to this old address, haven't lived there for years and probably done about 100 orders from different companies since moving out with no issues.

    4. PureSilver


      UNCo sent a RealSword SVD to my old place of work once - that was exciting...

  8. @CameronZombie whhhaaatttt the hell?! Please tell me that's not real? The sound /kick/force is insane!
  9. There never seem to be any TM MK23s for sale second hand any more, what happened to them all?

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    2. Hatchet


      All the people that own one buy a second one just in case...

    3. TB-Stalker


      @hitmanNo2 now that you know my plan I have no choice but to bring you into the fold. Your joining instructions are on their way to you and you have been added to the queue for your new firearm.

    4. hitmanNo2


      Very good. I will await my activation signal.

  10. It arrived today, I'm in love with it, I didn't realise just how loud it would be, my right ear was ringing like mad!
  11. Might be being stupid, but how do you update the address associated with your UKARA number?

    1. TheFull9


      I'd guess contact the site/shop that put you on the database.

  12. Are you looking for the AEG or GBBR versions of the JP and Larue receivers? As I know where to get the AEG JP receiver and where to get the GBBR Larue one
  13. Nice spot, I would have got that wrong, that seems to be the only one on their website annoyingly. I'll have to hunt around and find somewhere that has the version for the 74u in stock unless you know a site off the top of your head?
  14. Ordered the GHK AK74u from Milspec this morning. Should be with me on Tuesday
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