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  1. dview

    KJW M4

    Thanks Kai_Wolf, i'm sure i made a good acquisition buying KJW TK. Previously i had one AGM M4 GBB but after 1-2 months i sold it, the mags ware way to heavy (the AGM ones) and i saw that i had to put more money in it to make it playable. Anyway, i have to wait till the weather will be better here (right now is -14 grades Celsius and its a heavy wind), and also, to receive the other spare mags and the conversion parts that i ordered (i want to make a CASV Vltor look like) and i will put some pics here. Sorry if it was posted, but you guys know any easier way to reload the mag (not with
  2. dview

    KJW M4

    My KJW TK M4A1 arrived today. Ordered from Uncompany arrived in 11 days to Romania (Airmail shipping). I'm really happy with it, looks much better the CTW that i received today also. Probably in this evening i'll fill some gas in the mag and shoot some bb's (indoor, outdoor is - 19 grades Celsius.) Also, i'm waiting the first game with it. Bye.
  3. dview

    KJW M4

    "No delivery available to the selected country" Thanks but....
  4. dview

    KJW M4

    Hi guys, I just ordered one KJW TK M4A1 from Uncompany, hope i`ll receive it next week. The only problem is that i can`t find mags anywhere. If you know a website where i can find...please help. P.S. - i`m from Romania, and i found some websites in US but they don`t ship to RO Thanks.
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