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  1. I wish USPS would actually try to deliver my packages for once instead of leaving notes saying that they tried but I wasn't home. I'm pretty sure I pay you to get out of the truck, not for you to leave me a note telling me to pick it up at the post office.

    1. steaktipz


      Wow, did he even knock/ring?

    2. DFM56


      Nope, drove up, filled out the form and left without getting out of the truck.

    3. Docv400
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  2. Yeah, im at work for another 8 hours or so but I'll write something up when I get home.
  3. If it makes you feel any better, I have to go out of my way to find longer stocks for some of my rifles. It's not that long though, pretty sure it's the same lop as an acs in the first position.
  4. Sorry for the terrible cell picture, but I just had to post it. Neva' ben done befo, etc. Unfortunately there's a difference between wanting and being able to afford it.
  5. The problem with getting just the part is that it's riveted in place. It's going to be pretty hard to install one correctly if you don't have a press and the right fixture to set the rivets. You might be able to get away with making a bolt cutter rivet press, pretty common tool for people who build real steel AKs so you should be able to find some info on it pretty easily. I've replaced a few of those on CYMA bodies, but I just tapped them and screwed them in. It looks pretty bad, but it works.
  6. If I could make everything I own burnt bronze, I would do it in a heartbeat.
  7. Russia never made plum sidefolding stocks unfortunately. I'm not sure if you can modify RS sidefolders, but if you can, KVAR makes a tan stock you might be able to dye plum.
  8. They don't look anything like the real steel mags, and I could never get mine to feed. Some of the guys I play with can get them to work, some can't.
  9. At least if they make the 5.56 mags, we might get something better than the BP pmags..
  10. >terrible foregrip >Crapco flash hider >no upper handguard >ar15 stocks that aren't magpul >BP02 mount 2/10 would not operate with
  11. Except your reasons are always "that doesn't belong on that" or "it was fine the way it was in the glorious motherland." As far as reasons go, I would give them a 2/10. That's the best I can do. Fantastic build. Going to go with the same left-charging setup as your MAG-KU? Also, that shelf thing above your AFG, Gear Sector, right? Looks like a good way to keep the thumb stable and indexed on the side of the rail. I run into problems with gas tube heat on my real steel, I might have to try that out. Not a huge fan of the pressure switch on the ultimak though. He must double up o
  12. Yes, magpul clearly doesn't belong on an AK because an AR15 doesn't have the proper mount for an outdated scope. Your brilliant logic has caused me to see the error of my ways and burn the magpul off of my AKs with the people's cleansing flame of socialist justice. I'll follow Darklite's example, old picture because I don't have a current one, but the same amount of magpul; The joke is that it still has more magpul than my SR15. Also, if anyone is looking for something like an AK magwell, Solar Tactical recently released the AK MFER. The internet says that Haley likes it, so I'
  13. It's about an inch longer than a normal AK74 stock, but I like longer stocks on my AK anyway. Not that I really measured anything, I just kind of cut the shovel handle and went to town. She handled surprisingly well today with the addition of a 1-point mount made out of a hose clamp, so I think I found a winner for generic bad guy AK for when I don't feel like bringing out the tactical abomination. Also, the field owner suggested that I hack up a spare bayonet and put a shovel blade on it and I really want to try it. If I had gone LCT I bet it would even be sturdy enough to dig with.
  14. It is indeed a shovel handle. Got the idea from this rifle found in Afghanistan, kind of a joke for a game this weekend.
  15. Midwest extended AK-SS http://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_ID=449 It's extremely light for a handguard that long, which is nice. Comes with a few modular rail panels (not that you need them, most stuff you can modify to bolt right onto the rail) and has a few built in QD sling swivel mounting points. I had it on a real steel for a while but heat was a bit of a problem, and I don't get out to the range much so I figured I would try it on this for a while.
  16. Another crappy cell pic, VFC SR635 with G&P knighthawk kit.
  17. STR might be a decent compromise, might help make it look more block II with the storage compartments and such compared to a standard CTR and it'll be a bit heavier. Nice builds though, and where did you get the OPMOD traded eotech?
  18. Anyone in the US have a URX wrench and vise block I could borrow/rent? My G&P URX keeps coming loose on my VFC upper..

    1. aznriptide859


      uscmCorps I believe has one, you can PM him.

  19. If you email them a few times you can usually get through. I just ordered a spare bolt catch through them because I lost the spring taking my 635 apart.
  20. I've had it for 6 months or so, I think. I only started using it heavily last month, but it's held up fine. I can't really compare it with other m4 bodies since I don't have much experience with them. The receiver feels like aluminum, not zinc or pot metal. I don't have any problem trusting this stock attachment method on this receiver, seems like a much better way to do it than going through the spring guide. The buffer tube attachment point on my receiver is much longer than the one on that E1 receiver you posted, probably about 2" long, and I'm pretty sure the entire length is solid and t
  21. My SR635 buffer tube screws into the body, not the gearbox.
  22. It's actually a g3 sight, but close enough.
  23. Not crazy about the flash hider I have on under the can, so I'll probably get a surefire brake or one of those ball milled extensions for a PDW on there soon. Other than that, weight and balance is fantastic and she handles like a dream. I might eventually put a Midwest rail on it. The only problem I have with the one on my Saiga is the heat which won't be a problem on an AEG. Without the top rail it's almost as light as the saiga handguard I have on it now.
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