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  1. I'm pretty sure you can build up the area directly under the mag catch so the tang on the back of the mag will lock into the catch tightly. This should stop front to back wobble (my BP mag does the same thing, but I haven't tried to fix it as it doesn't feed worth a damn anyway). For side to side wobble I think you can build up the receiver walls inside the magwell (where the dimple is) so it's just slightly larger than the mag, but you run the risk of only being able to fit one type of mag into the magwell no matter what type of fitting you do. Hopefully I'll be fitting a bunch of G&
  2. Could someone with a PTS masada do me a favor and measure the height of the stock at the point where it attaches to the receiver and also the distance between the center of the stock pins? Also, any pictures of the standard fixed PTS stock would be helpful. Since this is a picture thread; Most of the magpul is gone right now though, still need to hack a MIAD and MVG on it.
  3. How much do you guys pay for those bulgy gas blocks over there? I've been thinking about getting one on my saiga but I can't find them for less than $150 usually, a little expensive for me to be putting on a replica at least
  4. CYMA CM040B Custom receiver extension adapter KA lipo buffer tube PTS ACS LCT UltimAK top rail with CYMA handguard The mag in the gun is a Beta Project AK "PMAG" and the two under it are real steel Bulgarian C10 mags for my Saiga S223. The bulgy mags look so much better than the BP mags, so I'm thinking of getting an extra to stuff the BP mag internals in. Might actually result in a working mag when I'm done No problem. They seem like nice mags, but I wish I would have had a chance to see how they feed. My package from Gunners showed up as I was packing m
  5. http://www.gunnerairsoft.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=1641
  6. Picked up one of the steel mids from Gunners, fit in my CYMA is above average but I haven't had a chance to see how it feeds. There was a lot of rust on it when it came in, so I need to refinish it when I get a chance... Also, plum grip for the RPK.
  7. Almost done... The normal grip is much more comfortable than the AFG/UltimAK combo.
  8. I always enjoy your AKs, Trasher! Fantastic job with the RPK... I've got something cooking for mine as well, hopefully I'll have it (and some improvements to my 105) done by the end of next week.
  9. Very nice! I'm going the same direction with my CYMA RPK, just not keeping the original stock. I've been thinking of converting a plum RPK74 mag or two, or at the very least painting the stock highcap black as the fakelite looks terrible on it. I wish I could track down a complete set of plum furniture, though Also, what brand is your RPK, and did you need to replace the handguard retainer to get the CAA handguard on it?
  10. no modification were made to the tang, and the receiver extension is attached to the tang the same way the original stock is. I don't really see how it could be putting additional stress on the tang.
  11. Drill holes through the receiver extension (measure the diameter of the stock screw and use whatever drill bit you have that is slightly larger) in the top and bottom. My camera went nuts and I lost the in progress pictures, but all I did was; File a flat into the threads where the hole will be so the drill bit will not slip around in the threads as you start the drill (would not need to do this if you use a drill press and have the receiver extension clamped down, I used a hand drill and would not recommend it if you have access to a press) Drill a pilot hole (1/16) Use pilot hole
  12. I needed to look at that.. like.. 20 times before I saw what was wrong with it.... That being said, I want one. Also, this is my brain on no sleep
  13. Exactly. Probably won't look nearly as nice, but if I'm covering it in magpul I guess I should at least keep the spirit of the gun alive
  14. yeah, receiver extension = buffer tube. The 5KU GBBR tube will slide right over the stock tang, little loose, but I'll be able to shim it when I screw it on. I'll get some better pictures when I get a chance, but theres nothing to show right now
  15. I should be taking the receiver extension to the shop this week for the necessary modifications, I'll make sure to take pictures of everything needed to mount it properly.
  16. Made an interesting discovery; GBBR receiver extensions (at least this 5KU) will slip right over the inner tang on AKM trunnions. All I need to do is shim it a bit and drill some holes and she'll be good to go! EDIT: I also desperately need a spare CYMA VFC style barrel and trunnion. I'll finally be able to build my saiga 12 since I won't have to modify the RPK receiver. I'll just swap parts around depending on what I want to use
  17. Well, I can magpul it, now I finally lost my last excuse for not picking up an l85
  18. CYMA cm.041 Custom AR stock adapter King Arms lipo buffer tube Magpul PTS ACS PTS AFG PTS XT rail cover LCT UltimAK Internals; Pro-win chamber Systema bucking/standard nub PDI 6.05 tbb Systema Energy piston, piston head, cylinder, cylinder head, air nozzle Mosfet
  19. Thanks guys! I'm thinking of switching to black furniture, probably staying with the ACS but swapping the Ultimak/AFG for a CAA railed handguard and an RVG/hand stop. I have a spare receiver extension that I'm going to try to hack onto the RPK as well. Might look decent, but I don't know what I would do with the handguards.
  20. iirc the VFC VLTOR tube will only fit the VFC AIMS receiver. All other AKM trunnions that I've seen have a second 'tang' in the middle which would obviously interfere with the VLTOR tube. I'm pretty sure you could fit one to a receiver with a standard AKM trunnion if you remove the second tang (the part with the wire in this picture)
  21. Echo1 "LMG" Fake bolt in it is the best I've seen in any AK, and it will fit into my 0401B receiver. The standard VFC bolt design will also fit into the RPK receiver from what I can tell, so folding stocks with a stick battery in the receiver are definitely possible with some work to the rear trunnion.
  22. I'm actually looking for a grip for my saiga, where did you get yours?
  23. I've fit RS rommy foregrips to several marui based AKs and one VFC, and that grip is definitely intended for a VFC style. Most you would need to do it shave it down a little to fit the barrel and/or handguard retainer, but you might not even need to do that on the ACM copies (you would if it was real rommy furniture)
  24. thanks mate. The stippling is pretty simple, I just rounded the tip on my 30W iron and pushed it into the plastic. Repeat until you're comatose, etc.. I think this one took me about two hours. Texture pretty much depends on the size of the tip and how far you push it into the plastic. This one was done with a larger and more rounded tip compared to my AK105. The bar-10 stock is also much thicker than the CYMA AK grip, so I could go deeper without melting through as well. What the pictures don't show very well is that the stippling on the bar-10 is raised a few mm off of th
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