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  1. I just installed the blue LFS disc in order to make mine field legal. Installation was a breeze and the chrono Test made me happy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I named her "Hera" after the Greek Queen of the Gods (Greek Mythology) "...Hera was known for her jealous and vengeful nature..."
  3. I do not have any airsoft related, worth viewing video with my dog but i have a pictire of her in "kill mode" p.s. She wasn't actually bitting the other player, she was trying to take a ball out of his hands...
  4. This is a war dog! She dodges bbs ala matrix style! She is playing airsoft with me since she was 7 months. Now she is 6 years old, a true veteran! Unfortunately i can't get her to wear dogles, she takes them of by rubbing to other player legs... I don't take her with me in "High Danger" games like CQB. Only when few players play and the engagement distances are long. Here she is in her outfit:
  5. Thanks for the comments. About the slide removal...it's more difficult to take off TM's slide than KWA's slide...however if you do it many times it's getting easier...i am not sure if the lever "breaks" or the fingers!
  6. Hi! I made a video about how to disassemble TM Glock 18c slide and install those parts into a new one. Beside the how-to instructions, i make a comparison of the 5KU slide VS the original plastic slide. Please forgive my English level, so far i was making videos in my native language but i though that i should give it a try. p.s. If you think my English suck that bad, drop me a line to never use them in any video again
  7. Pantelis

    KJW M4

    Guys, do you know if i can buy a CQBR length or even shorter outer barrel for KJ M4? I asked Ratech but i have no reply yet. I know that you can modify an AEG barrel but i have no tools for that job.
  8. I need a bolt catch for the open bolt PDW and no shop seems to have it in-stock. I e-mailed WE but they ignored me. Typical after-sales service from WE:angry: Does anybody know where i can find one?
  9. Yesterday i field tested the Open Bolt version (i converted my close bolt). Well...it's for sure playable! The new hopup works well, the sound is better and it kicks a little bit more. Fps are not adjustable yet. It shoots 330fps with 0.25g at 27c. Good enough for me. I have found 2 flaws so far: 1) The bolt doesn't lock back in any of my 5 magz. I am sure i installed correctly the new bolt catch (you can not intall wrong even if you want to!) 2) If you fire long bursts, many times the last bb falls 10m out of the barrel but this doesn't bother since i play with single fire all the time.
  10. Pantelis

    KJW M4

    I have purchased many things from that shop and they have excellent service. Another European (Greek) shop that has it at 375 euro: http://www.vasilikos.com.gr/index.php?PageLang=english
  11. Pantelis

    KJW M4

    Guys i want to buy 2 magazines and no well known shop seems to have them in stock. I live in Europe (Greece) so if anybody knows a shop that has them in stock and can ship to Europe please let me know. Thakns in advance...
  12. Pantelis

    KJW M4

    I have in my collection almost all gbb platforms (WE M4, WE M16, WE SCAR, WA M4 patriot, WA M4 cqb, GHK AK74, KJ M4. About Recoil the best from top to bottom is: WA = WE CO2 WE green gas KJ = GHK I like KJ for reliability and accurasy (WE is the less accurate, horrible hop-up) I like WA for the tons of aftermarket parts available and recoil I like WE for recoil (with CO2) at low price. I don't like GHK!
  13. Well...Madbull stingers (3 pack) just arrived and tested...fits 100%. No mods needed...
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