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    H&K Picture Thread

    bobbyc222: Ah, I did not see your location until now, I sort of assumed you would be running some high fps set-up. Thanks for the tips anyway, might come in handy. I've had my carbine XM8 for almost 3 years but I've never opened it up as I haven't really had any trouble with it. Were you let down by the stock SRC hop-up? I find mine ok. I actually ordered a King Arms G36 selector plate for a friend of mine lately, will have a look at it when it arrives. Quite embarassing but I haven't bought a MOSFET for any of my AEGs yet, does it affect your XM8 battery space in any way?
  2. HJA1512

    H&K Picture Thread

    Erka92: Thanks, great too see others appreciate the XM8. Big Tony: They sure are. bobbyc222: What internals are you running? An updated mock-up photo, forgot some parts and still work to be done obviously. SRC, GWS (upper) and AGM (handguard) XM8 parts mix with a STAR G36 steel barrel.
  3. HJA1512

    H&K Picture Thread

    Looking to finish my XM8 rifle/dmr version sometime soon. GWS upper with SRC parts. Will look like the bottom one in this photo but with flip-up iron sights. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cf/XM8wXM320_sharpshooter.jpg Nevermind the *suitcasey* AGM lower receiver in the background, will be using a SRC Gen 3.
  4. HJA1512

    H&K Picture Thread

    Nice MP7. Got some new photos of my XM8 Carbine and HK53, still missing some small pieces for the HK53 like stock pin, the rear sling mount and a sling but it looks nice anyway. Stock SRC XM8 Gen III with ACM z-ISM V redddot/laser sight and a G36 sling. http://airsoftbuilds.com/weapon.php?id=870 Started out as a CA53, now has a ICS Navy lower and a RS rear sight. The Aimpoint is ACM. I would like a Surefire handguard but I think I will buy that for the ICS MP5 that I will hopefully own in the future. http://airsoftbuilds.com/weapon.php?id=1012
  5. HJA1512

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Thanks CKinnerly. If I did not have some parts laying around it would obviously have been smoother/smarter to just buy a G&P off the shelf but this turned out nice, very sturdy. Bit of an oldschool look with the PAQ4C and M68 I think.
  6. HJA1512

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    http://airsoftbuilds.com/weapon.php?id=1270 M4A1 finished. Built with: G&P front set (sight, barrel, barrel nut etc) Dboys RAS G&P PAQ4C Guarder VFG with KAC markings King Arms Colt M4A1 metal body with functional bolt-catch A.C.M M68 CCO with markings A.C.M Aimpoint L-mount A.C.M ARMS #40 flip-up rear sight Dboys pistolgrip King Arms buffer tube King Arms 6-pos ("LE") stock Spec-Ops 101 M-4 sling
  7. HJA1512

    H&K Picture Thread

    I bought some SRC parts before actually but thanks anyway! I'm going to use a mix of SRC and GWS parts, just like you, I want the H&K XM8 trades on the upper but the SRC lower is of better quality. I will build mine with GWS or SRC stock, GWS upper + ACM z-iSM V red dot, SRC lower, SP8 compact shroud and hopefully GBB internals. I have looked for the Smart Parts SP8 markers compact shroud on eBay but only found one.. and that didn't turn out well. So still looking, if anyone happens to know where to get one, with shipping to Sweden, please point me in the right direction.
  8. HJA1512

    H&K Picture Thread

    http://world.guns.ru/userfiles/images/assault/as61/xm8-c.jpg The compact is so cool. Chop your handguard or look for a Smart Parts SP8 paintball shroud (available in 3 colors I think) as it's modeled after the compact, although it is not perfect I imagine it is better than chopping your own. The SP8 has been discontinued though so it is not that easy to find I think. I will try making one once I have time and money again, please do a project thread!
  9. HJA1512

    H&K Picture Thread

    Sweet! I want one so bad. Will have to try that when I get my XM8 Compact carbine build going. You should do a project thread if you haven't already.
  10. HJA1512

    H&K Picture Thread

    Big Tony: Thanks for the rail reply. I didn't realize your XM8 is built with GBB internals! That's even more impressive. Give it to me.
  11. HJA1512


    Bit late to reply but that Tokyo Marui EBB based SPR MK12 Mod 0 is awesome. Great job!
  12. HJA1512

    H&K Picture Thread

    Sweet XM8. How do you like the GWS kit? What rail did you use for the red dot sight, did it come with the kit?
  13. HJA1512


    Pictures of my loadouts and impressions. :)
  14. HJA1512

    DPM work in progress

    From the album: Gear

    My "fantasy" UK DPM loadout. Not based on any real pictures obviously but I like it. L119A1 and Bowman headset will also be bought.
  15. HJA1512


    Pictures of the AEGs I play with. :)
  16. HJA1512

    MK12 Mod 0 SPR

    From the album: Guns

    My MK12 Mod 0, might sell it soon cause honestly, I love the way it looks but it just doesn't fit me very well in games.
  17. HJA1512

    H&K Picture Thread

    Thread needs more weapons designed like a fish. <3 My XM8 Carbine is done externally now, loving the "MAS" / z-ISM V red dot / laser sight. This video is three minutes longer than the previous one but still not as in-depth as some people would like, I imagine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyAzJ4znNzA Just got a Guarder SP150 FTK for the longer Rifle / Sharpshooter model so it should be finished soon too.
  18. HJA1512


    Some very nice SPR builds here. Wish I had read the comment about the CA mod 0 front end being lighter than the Dboys before I bought mine..
  19. HJA1512

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Beautiful SPAS12 Wish I had one as well!

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