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  1. Not to mention how many people just shoot at sound or movement without any PID.
  2. Found this photo of me and a bomb-sniffing pug. In all seriousness though, kinda peeved that they brought this dog onto the field. I don't think animals belong on the site let alone without any sort of eyepro.
  3. So, you guys remember the Madbull KSG? Well.... (Language Warning)
  4. I think they're rad looking. I'm guessing the gist of the additional rail is to add lights and PEQs so they don't interfere with grip in a way. That's just my guess though, could just be "more rail space is good rail space"...
  5. Some photos from an op in Oregon last weekend. And how I looked most of the weekend...
  6. I'm always wondering when I should watch it next haha. Fantastic paintjobs btw.
  7. Something seems a bit backwards in this photo...
  8. Finally found something of me from a game. It just had to be a screengrab from a friend's youtube vid. I'm in the middle.
  9. I think I recall that at some point. Spectacular shots and the best TM Spas I've ever seen!
  10. Post-game photo of a majority of the team. Idaho got pretty chilly that day. I'm on the left.
  11. Also, training as a UPS deliveryman to render yourself invisible.
  12. You also require some thugs and a briefcase.
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