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  1. Echigoya's California shop should have it first; not exactly cheap though.
  2. Top one is my everyday work watch; easily replaceable if it gets bashed. The G-Shock strap is an experiment that went pretty well.
  3. California. IIRC we can collect balisongs and automatics, but having them in your car or public=jail. Among a lot of other weirdly specific prohibited items are "undetectable" knives, so owning a sharp plastic knife=jail. Fixed blades (including locked open folders) must not be concealed, but there's no statewide limit on length. So you can open carry a samurai sword, or pocket a Cold Steel Espada XL, but a neck knife under your shirt=jail. Municipalities (including the sprawl of L.A.) have their own extra laws tacked on, though. Good luck keeping track of that as you drive around:
  4. Yes! This is pretty much gonna be me next weekend on the boat: The prop armorer added a stubby buffer tube to the movie gun so a full auto bolt would work. An MP5K would have been the logical choice, but the CCP is lighter and I can use my regular M4 rig and midcaps. I like the plastic body, trigger electronics, and quick change spring. Only negatives are that my 11.1 batteries just barely fit, the slight side-to-side play in the battery cover "plug", and the clockwise barrel threading.
  5. Balisongs are illegal to carry here I believe--too scary. I don't like Emersons enough to pay non-Kershaw prices for one, but for $30 I'm very happy with the CQC-4KXL so far as my new everyday work knife. The Nimravuses (Nimravi?) are fakes sold under the Emerson airsoft brand. The black one cost me $-1.50, as it was bought to pad an AEG order for free shipping. I have no idea what kind of steel it is, but it arrived quite sharp and is overall nicer than I expected. Benchmade is misspelled "Bencnmade" on both, and the plastic sheath lacks the thumb lock. The tan one is the toy tr
  6. Speaking of molestering: Ares CCP, set up for a low light naval OP.
  7. FMA LA-5C/PEQ green "upgrade version", Element/Night Evolution WMX200 (laser engraved version) Parts list here: http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/197001-ar15-variants-and-derivitives-picture-thread/page-314&do=findComment&comment=2735877
  8. Custom spring breacher and Marui version
  9. Here's the one I'm using: http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=category&item=VFC-RST-300M-TN01&search=category&rs=Rear%20Sights&catid=1&cat=&view_choice=a It's got a good sized aperture, maybe 5mm. Unfortunately, I don't think KAC ever made a 300M tan rear sight.
  10. I posted some first impressions here in the news thread; I'm not familiar with the PTS cans though. It's a little overpriced--especially since it's solid, unengraved, and all I really wanted was the flash hider--but well made. I'm sure Element will make a more affordable one eventually (hollow with full trades please). Thanks, that means a lot! It's gone from a spare rifle to my favorite rifle to my ONLY rifle, so I may have gone a little overboard at times. Switching from block II to the "2.5" style was particularly painful, but it's a lot easier to build one now that some decen
  11. Updated the accessories on my CQBR while I wait for the SOCOM 556-RC to arrive: How many times will it be "finished"?
  12. Flat hop performance is much more dependent upon mods than what brand of parts.
  13. Team armory is running out of space; here's a new pic of what used to be the M4 section: Old panorama, from when we had about half as many guns:
  14. They don't really have a site, but Toysoldier sells their stuff in small batches. The momentary switch is a big improvement.
  15. Kimplacustom makes some cosmetic upgrades for the Element LA-5:
  16. There shouldn't be knurling on the can, but it's just a stock Marui tracer unit with a custom base.
  17. I did put a tiny lipo in a TD VFG once, but it was just to power the hopup chamber tracer unit. I don't think you'll fit a battery big enough to power a gun in a foregrip, unless it's one made with thin walls for that purpose.
  18. FMA recently released red and green laser "upgrade" versions of the LA-5 (the old FMA was just a battery box with a laser stuffed in). The upgrade version is functional and has translucent plastic details similar to the new Element unit. Looks like the Element has an aluminum bezel and battery cap which would be another step up in realism. http://www.toysoldier.com.hk/product_details.php?pid=1043 http://www.ebairsoft.com/upgrade-green-laser-tb0073-p-8244.html
  19. The only one I've seen so far still uses 22mm straps--a 46mm watch (perfect size for me) needs 24mm. It does look a whole lot better with lugs though.
  20. The Moto360 is close, but the strap proportion is all wrong for a men's watch.
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