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  1. The Tanaka M500s hold one shy of a dozen BBs. There is a reservoir in the cylinder that holds 6, plus one in each of the 5 "chamber" holes. Although, I thought I could fit a baker's dozen in my M500. I'd need to check....
  2. I tried being semi-artsy.... She is for sale. As soon as I reach that magic 100-post mark, I'll put her up...
  3. I don't have access to the sale forums. How much are you asking for it (shipped)? I think that looks quite spectacular actually.
  4. I like that front sight....what kind is it?
  5. Dunno if it's the same gun, but they sell one just like it at Redwolf Airsoft: RWC Sturm Ruger Doomcocker
  6. That's pretty damn cool....Where did you get them from, if you don't mind me asking? I have a black HW Constrictor, and the grips are disappointing - the lastic with fake wood finish is just bad. I was thinking about painting them somehow, but I'm not convinced it would look any better. I was also thinking about selling that gun and getting an M60 with the limited wood grips, but I don't think that would be terribly frugal of me. Still need to oil up the M500 and take some decent pics....
  7. Sorry for the primitive question, but how does the other controls (specifically the dust cover, hop-up, and charging handle) work on the ICS? I have a G&G M16, and opening the dust cover to access the hop-up adjuster dial can be a somewhat frustrating task, and the charging handle does nothing more than make a "neat" sound when you pull it back and release.
  8. That is far too pretty....from that picture at least, it looks better than the Midnight blue. I may have to buy a wheel gun in that Midnight Gold now. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get that from, Shao?
  9. Here's a close-up pic of my Marushin Raging Bull (which is pending sale at the moment): I also have a Marushin Constrictor and a Tanaka M500; I'll post some pics once I take some half-way decent ones, although the "midnight blue" finish on my M500 doesn't seem to be as...blue'ish anymore.
  10. I too thought that Tanaka had licensed the trademarks from Smith & Wesson. My M500 (8 3/8" barrel) came from Redwolf with all trademarks intact, and they weren't even covered up with metallic tape or anything.
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