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  1. K-Wolf

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    My FAL with it's new paint job
  2. K-Wolf

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Two pictures of my FAL with it's new paint job.
  3. K-Wolf

    Faked Snake

    Love the look, where did you get the camo's from and what era are they?
  4. K-Wolf

    What's your backup?

    In order of use/preference 1) WE M.E.U. and for those realy sticky situations 2) the rest of the team when i sprint past them screaming ammo very loudly.
  5. K-Wolf

    What's your backup?

    KJW (Licensed under Umarex) Berretta M9, and soon a Chinese copy H&K USP .45
  6. K-Wolf


    My currently stock AGM M14, aswel as internal upgrades it will soon be recieving a custom paint job of a COD4 style dull red tiger stripe. ">
  7. K-Wolf

    M14 Picture Thread

    My AGM M14, I apologise for the god aweful background but my bed was the only thing i could rest it on to take a photo, with cunningly placed instructions. 'Remember kids always read the instructions before playing with your new toys' ">
  8. K-Wolf

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    My new CIRAS vest, purchased for my PMC loadout. ">
  9. K-Wolf

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    My Desert M4, and mates P90 Body "> Mates Arctic, Woodland M4s and Desert Shotgun "> "> "> All of the guns were painted by myself and the guy with the P90, when doing the shotgun my friend asked for something lighter in colour than my M4 which was given a more Desert 'Urban' colour scheme.
  10. K-Wolf

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    I'm the guy at the back with the M4
  11. K-Wolf

    What music are you currently listening to?

    In This Moment - Call Me Good song and i think possibly better than the original.
  12. K-Wolf

    The Amoury

    A photographic collection of my guns and equipment

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