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  1. Thanks! It's a Primary Arms micro, I think it's what finally brought it all together. Was just waiting on that LaRue mount, finally tracked it down.
  2. Gave it a good polishing job...
  3. Airsoft Surgeon on the shorter one, ProG4 on the longer guy.
  4. Nah, I wish It's a Marui with all Nova externals minus the PDI Stainless Steel Delta Hammer, Nineball Trigger, ProG4 Stainless Steel Barrel and Action stainless steel guide rod. And of course the grips... I was thinking about putting on the extra pair of Black/Grey horned lizard ones I have, but these ones are just so badass. The trigger is soon to be replaced with a PDI Polished Duralumin Three Hole Trigger and the grip screws Black Steel Airsoft Surgeon ones.
  5. Ummmm, I think all I need now is the PDI trigger that is inbound and then to get it machined and duracoated. Mama and Papa Better pics
  6. PDI Makes a polished version. Check out their main website, x-fire.org Anyways, Let's see Got some new stuff So far so good
  7. Lowkey better outside picture
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