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  1. That 416c forend looks pretty long or is it just me?
  2. Jim01

    Custom Gear

    There's a plate carrier just like that already: http://www.velsyst.com/store/198/6/Lightweight-Plate-Carrier.html
  3. I'm thinking about something a little different for one of these...any silencer adapters available? Need a 14mm, any suggestions?
  4. So does anybody have an LWRC PSD upper they want to sell for me to finish a project?! If anybody had one...even just the rail system PM me please!
  5. They normally look a bit bigger, he has a flared magwell extension so there hidden a bit.
  6. Exactly what I'm looking for at the moment, we have almost the exact same shotty.
  7. Where did you grab that black widow patch? Been after that for ages!
  8. I have been considering picking up a K, AEG?
  9. Where's the patch from? It's pretty cool.
  10. Holy balls! Those are great!
  11. A nice softshell would look the dogs in that pattern. Where did you pick them up? Do the knees have slots for field style pads?
  12. Is that the pyro launcher iv heard about?
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