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  1. Gorf

    G36 Picture Thread

    Broke too - so I was thinking of a cheapie like this. Comments...?
  2. Gorf

    G36 Picture Thread

    Mine's only a stock TM gun, so the only way I could add a bit of candy was with the background.
  3. If you get the metal version, there's a bit inside the slide that breaks off under certain circumstances. I'm on my third slide already. It doesn't seem to affect performance. It seems to be from firing a couple of full mags in "Terminator mode" - it's only ever happened to me after that. The nice thing about buying from someone like Mike C at Elite is that he offers a one-year guarantee. He's replaced the slides without fuss each time it's happened.
  4. Hope you give her something to compliment the dog food: There's a vitamin in cat food that they can't synthesise themselves. It's not in dog food (either cos they can or they don't need it).
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