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  1. What happened to you? IM me.

  2. Oh my god, I love your sig... :P

    Aloha from a fellow STI lover :) :)

  3. O don't get me wrong I love mustangs. I just dislike any colored interior.
  4. I love my bug eyed scooby I also love the sound of my HKS blow off.
  5. Did anyone say carbon fiber and turbo?
  6. If your looking for a small one. Try out the kershaw 1600. The assisted opening is great
  7. I had the G&P ras for my TM M14. It is a great piece of work, and the trades were nice. The phone number worked As far as function I think all rail systems do the intended purpose
  8. Would anyone like to trade their woodland for desert
  9. 100% Marui: I have held and shot this gun. Definately not a clone by all means.
  10. After seeing my friends KWA M9 blowback unit explode after less than 1000 rounds I would not get a KWA
  11. This thread is not needed. You should of just posted the picture in the m14 thread...
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