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  1. ah, well no worries. still interested in the radio though. I am looking for a nice and powerful enough setup to use in some woodland scenarios, where my regular small pmr just doesn't cut it.
  2. nice setup there, greensta. what's the radio. btw where you play at? I'm from Senec, been playing regularly for some years now. pozdravujem Slovaka na Arnies
  3. Today I have prepared for you a review of the M4A1 carbine made by AIM TOP. The gun is one of the best Chinese replicas I have encountered so far, so her price is on par, but I will get to all details later in the review. AIM TOP Company AIM TOP was founded in1993 and their first article were various types of paintball bullets.Throughout the time they started to construct airsoft replicas with above standard quality, so they are now well above DBoys and slightly better than JG.While still not so good as e.g. TM or CA guns, they provide very good platform with high quality internals a
  4. mosfet is always good, no matter what gun. I personally would never use my guns without it.
  5. My little contribution to this superb thread: CYMA M14 SOCOM Internals: Systema M130, metal bushings, GURU teflon cylinder, ASPro piston, GD polycarb piston head, GD nozzle and tappet plate, GD spring guide with ball bearings Guarder hop-up rubber, H-nub, KM Head 6.04 tightbore, computerized mosfet with new wiring, GD high-torque motor Externals: 3-9x42 ACM Scope, ICS 3-point sling, woodland camo wrap To be installed: threaded barrel with silencer to insert longer tightbore FPS @465 with .20 BBs
  6. And it happened again. I posted a topic and the first replies were ' use google', or 'after five hits on google' and similar. As much as I sometimes get annoyed with people posting questions on '1+1', I always invest that 5 seconds and write the answer (which is '2' by the way). What's the point of a forum, when all your asnwers are 'UTFG', 'find this', 'find that', 'moron, use search function' and so on? Maybe someone doesn't have as much time or it just doesn't occur to them, so we who have the spare 5 seconds at that time do the search for them. Is it such a big problem? Honestly.
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