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    2001 (thanks to The Waco Kid)
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    Thopmson M1A1, M15 carbine, wilson combat hi cap 45, beretta M9, M3 shorty, glock 17 and a TM M14
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    kids today meh! got it easy i say! now in my day....
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    United Kingdom

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    in front of a computer,
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    ooh erm maybe erm airsoft!! beer, grumble flicks, beer, pay day
  1. stutes


    pictures n things
  2. stutes

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Things that erk me blokes that insist on wearing their jeans around their kneecaps, i have no wish to see your underwear people who ride bikes on the pavement, drunks that walk past my bedroom window at 1:30 and think that they can sing and that i wish to hear it I could go on but i have to do some work

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