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  1. Sell beloved G&P guns to purchase TM Sopmod/Socom; Wise?

    1. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      Honestly, no. About to get hated on for saying it but it's been said before: not worth the money. TMs are great, yeah, but I don't think the gap in reliability between a TM and a G&P is worth the gap in cost.

    2. bladerunner168


      Whilst TM EBB's are fun (my AK102 gives me a stupid grin when I'm firing) I would always keep a G&P in the pantry for those days when I need something comforting.

    3. Jamanyar


      Mags, batteries and gearbox are pretty much proprietary so not easy on the pocket. I thought about it for a wile and decided against it... not worth the hike up in cost.

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