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  1. So if I want to lower the price of something I'm selling on ZeroIn, I have to wait 3 days. Genius...

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    2. Jamanyar


      The only thing you can do is close the thread, like in the event of a sale. However, if you want to drop the price by a reasonable amount, then you'll have to wait for 3 long days, in chinch time you might as well just bump the thread back to the top! Stupid really. If your in a hurry and are willing to price down more rapidly than those with more time then your stuffed.

    3. FireKnife


      Closing the thread doesn't work, idiots still PM you. Plus on there if you make one single error they kick you off as they are too stupid to talk it all out.

    4. Jamanyar


      True, you do get some people unable to read/see the big 'Closed' sign, for most this would indicate something important, like the thread is 'Closed' i.e.

      items sold or withdrawn. There are some though that this fact manages to stretch beyond their comprehension!

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