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  1. AirsoftWorld have thoroughly regained my respect and custom.

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    2. hwagan


      Nah man, made an order yesterday for 3 tins of Brut, RA-Tech WOC rubber and bearing hammer, needed for the weekend - They called up, informed me the rubber was out of stock, but they'd ship the rest for delivery tomorrow and post the rubber FOC as soon as it's in stock again. Thoroughly nice bloke, very polite and helpful and agrees gas guns are the way forward!

    3. FireKnife


      Huh, usually I just get BS and attitude from them. Add in the botched repairs some people have had it doesn't bode well but still good.

    4. hwagan


      See I gotta say, when was the last time there was a complaint on here about them? I wasn't a fan in the past but I can't fault them on the last 3 orders I've made at all, even if I try! Not sure I'd trust their tech department, although saying that they're about the only place in the UK stocking WA System GBBR parts at the moment..

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