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  1. I honestly murderously hate people who can't hack the fact GBBR's are totally practical skirmish weapons.

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    2. hwagan


      As something designed to put BB's out of the barrel, I can agree with that. In my experience though, not including cold weather, my GBBR's have been more reliable in the field. I've had AEG trigger contacts burn out on me, gearbox lockups and motor connectors work loose, as well as overheated motors and other things. I'm more confident in my GBBR putting a round out when I pull the trigger than an AEG, even if an AEG can throw out (an unncessary amount) more in a shorter space of time.

    3. paranoiddroid


      I would love to agree but I havent skirmished mine yet it needs a *fruitcage* ton of work doing.



    4. hwagan


      What make and model is it? The key is stick to stock manufacturer stuff other than the hop or unless there's a serious design flaw!

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