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  1. Every time a new GBBR is released, my wallet cries a little.

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    2. kenxin


      They've gotten rid of the firing block of WA-type guns completely: https://scontent-a-mad.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/t31/1511977_338562486285539_879208136_o.jpg


      Looks QUITE sturdy.

    3. hwagan


      Ah I see what you mean; That definitely looks like a much simpler and cleaner design. Saying that, maybe it's just me, but personally I've always felt the only improvement a decently build WA gun needs is in the hop system.. Maybe I'm just lucky. Still, I'm not gonna lie, GHK's design does look very well thought out, it's just not something I can see myself being interested in besides the hop and magazines!

    4. hawaiianjuggernaut


      Every time my kit needs new stuff, my wallet CRYES.

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