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  1. WHEN WILL IT END. Also, my tax rebate was way lower than expected and I can't afford one anyway. Bah.

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    2. Wild_XIII


      HMRC are massive *rickrolls*. I once got a tax rebate for about £2500. Three years later they decided that it was wrong on their system and they wanted it back. The silly thing is that I was on the right tax code but my admin lady said I wasn't, and got it changed to the incorrect one. If they checked their stupid systems then I wouldn't be paying £55 a month to the *ubarflock*.

    3. FireKnife


      I recall getting a cheque two years late from them as they were charging me tax while I was earning under the minimum before you take income tax into account. Kind of odd when you are in a well paid job and suddenly £350 turns up.


      Though I won't say what my bonus is this year but rest assured guns will be bought with it.

    4. NonEx


      I just found a stock lot of 12 G&P SR16E3 that I bought. Glad I will put them to good use in my closet! ;)

      I heard it was the last batch ever to be made!


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