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  1. Picked up a Vortex flashhider to replace the birdcage on my MRP. Should have a KAC flavoured big brother for it arriving next week 'n all.
  2. Stock TM guns won't usually lift much more than a .25 in stock form - If you're running propane I doubt you've fouled the rubber unless you've used an excess of oil anywhere, which I assume you probably haven't! Still, every TM pistol I've had has required a little bit of a bend on the leaf spring to sling a .30.
  3. You gearbox folk might like this here doowhacky: http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=searchItem&item=SVOTW-300ACC9-KWAERG&search=special&rs=svoboda&catid=&cat=&view_choice=c The matching .300 QD can is also available.
    1. PureSilver


      I don't think so, Wild_XII; the KWA ERG and LM4 variants have their own additional pages. I think they left the K in the last part when they copied it over from the KWA page. Suppressor here: http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=special&item=SVOTW-762SS&search=special&rs=Hot Release&catid=&cat=&view_choice=c

    2. hwagan


      Second what puresilver says, they just copied the description - there's a WA, KWA and ERG version going with the suppressor good for all 3!

    3. Wild_XIII


      Then I stand corrected!

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  4. The longer the barrel in a GBBR, the higher the FPS - It gives the gas more time to expand behind the BB and thereby accelerate it. Anyhow, there are plenty of ways to lower the FPS - Look up NugentGL's channel on Youtube, or just search for 'Lowering FPS in VFC M4/HK416'. It's usually a case of adding a washer or two inside the body of the nozzle or thickening the flute valve or something similar. I'm not a VFC owner, but I've used mods designed for the VFC to lower the FPS on my WA system GBBR's and they're all pretty simple. Hopefully an owner will chime in with the specific mod that works
  5. It definitely looks handy for sneaking around woodland and picking people off, no doubt about that. Is the scope the Visionking jobby? I really would like one of those for my next build, once I figure out a way to pay for it! Done anything special to the hop or is it just the P* consistency?
  6. I'm not a massive fan of the 416 stock on it, but other than that that's a damn nice build - And my opinion on the stock doesn't matter in the slightest anyway Take it the MVG is mounted straight on the rail?
  7. Such want. Many jealous. So patch. Wow. Trying to convince some team mates to go with 'Doges of war' with a Doge based patch.
  8. If everyone paypals me 50p, I can afford a G&P SR16E3.

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    2. hwagan


      Quiet you ;) I'll get my hands on one somehow, even if it takes some sort of prostitution. How financially stable is FireKnife these days?

    3. -Drake-


      I'll pay you a tenner for some sexy time.

    4. hwagan


      I'd have taken that offer if I'd checked last night, but due to the wonders of parents being utter legends, they're loaning me the money for said gun. Sweet Jesus, I don't know how to describe this level of happy.

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  9. I would like to ask you for your replica firearm's hand in marriage. That's stunning beyond words, seriously.
  10. Nothing is more devatstating about being unemployed than not being able to afford Clocwork_O's Tanaka M29.. All of the want.

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    2. FireKnife


      Thanks for the link Wild, turns out there is a nice plump £20-23k role going in University of Kent, looks like I have what they need :P.

    3. Wild_XIII


      Just get a job that gets you closer to airsoft. :P

    4. FireKnife


      And pays me well enough to airsoft when and where I want to :P.


      Oh and applied ;)

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  11. Nah man, ShooterCBgear - $13 and the shipping.
  12. Probably not, it'd be a 20 minute job at most I reckon! Saying that, it's putting quite a nice wear pattern on my Glock, so I doubt I'll actually bother. Still, for £16 quid and a bit of felt and glue, you've got a damned nice holster that won't damage your finish!
  13. That's the only thing missing unfortunately - It doesn't really bother me because I quite like the slightly haggard look of my Glock. For £16 though, I can forgive the lack of suede!
  14. It really is easy - Fairly time consuming, but it's well worth it in the end. I've also found the tiny dots from the sharp point give a very grippy surface but the raised edges, being tiny, don't sand your hands down! Thanks man On another note, I just received my $22 Safariland clone from ShooterCBgear - I'm utterly blown away by the thing, it's rock solid, everything functions flawlessly, and easily adjustable. Happily takes my HK3 G17 and WE G23, and with a quick tightening of the screw it's just as good a fit for a mate's KSC G19.
  15. Slight update on the MRP.. Got an element thorntail mount and a killflash for the SRS.
  16. Heh, thanks man - I just used my old soldering iron I've had kicking around for years - It's quite a sharp point. My G17 I just did a standard job on, but on this one I did the usual loads of tiny dots all over, and then essentially just squiggled lines up and down the sides of the grip just to see how it'd turn out. Definitely looks better than the mess it was in tan!
  17. I saw that actually, although from the photos it didn't look too bad - More the occasional tiny spot of discolouring? Mine was more big swathes/patches of all sorts of shades of brown.. I should have thought to take pictures really, but there were fingerprint sized patches of discolouration going from dark tan to black. Nasty. Anyhow, all fixed now after a blast of Plastikote ocean grey, which I think quite suits it actually:
  18. Perfect, cheers dude - I currently lack any tan spraypaint though, I'm debating going with gunmetal grey for the frame, what with it being the only spray I've currently got... Can't look worse than it does now anyway!
  19. I'll have to give that a try actually. The only issue with that idea is I'm not actually clued up on taking down a Glock lower frame - The stippling jobs I've done previously I've just been careful with and removed the mag/mag catch. To youtube!
  20. Right now I hate the *fruitcage* thing too much to look at it. I was planning on doing a nice stipple job and shifting it for £80, now I'd be lucky if it's worth half that.
  21. Bah, that blows... I'm almost considering binning it rather than accepting the probably £40 it's now worth. FML.
  22. Anyone tried stippling a WE/HK3 tan frame? I can't believe how awful it's turned out compared to my black G17 - The plastic changes colour (there are patches of pale tan, dark tan, brown all over the place). It looks *fruitcage* atrocious...
  23. After a conversation with a friend a moment ago, I realised I will almost certainly never have sex with Kat Dennings, and now I hate my life.
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