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    Polarstar finally built! :D I've been waiting for this for so long! Just waiting for a few final touches! So very happy with it!



    I'm not a massive fan of the 416 stock on it, but other than that that's a damn nice build - And my opinion on the stock doesn't matter in the slightest anyway ;) Take it the MVG is mounted straight on the rail?

  2. It wouldn't be too hard to stuff done felt in there and achieve the same result surely?


    Probably not, it'd be a 20 minute job at most I reckon! Saying that, it's putting quite a nice wear pattern on my Glock, so I doubt I'll actually bother. Still, for £16 quid and a bit of felt and glue, you've got a damned nice holster that won't damage your finish!

  3. Does the Safariland have the suede lining like the real thing? It's one of the my favourite parts of my 6005.



    That's the only thing missing unfortunately - It doesn't really bother me because I quite like the slightly haggard look of my Glock. For £16 though, I can forgive the lack of suede! 

  4. Ahh I see! Might give it a go on a pistol grip. Looks fantastic! 


    It really is easy - Fairly time consuming, but it's well worth it in the end. I've also found the tiny dots from the sharp point give a very grippy surface but the raised edges, being tiny, don't sand your hands down!


    Thats a lovely stippling job


    Thanks man :)



    On another note, I just received my $22 Safariland clone from ShooterCBgear - I'm utterly blown away by the thing, it's rock solid, everything functions flawlessly, and easily adjustable. Happily takes my HK3 G17 and WE G23, and with a quick tightening of the screw it's just as good a fit for a mate's KSC G19.







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  5. That is absolutely lovely! Well done on that stipple job but! Seriously nice! Did you just use a regular iron or a different head?




    Heh, thanks man - I just used my old soldering iron I've had kicking around for years - It's quite a sharp point. My G17 I just did a standard job on, but on this one I did the usual loads of tiny dots all over, and then essentially just squiggled lines up and down the sides of the grip just to see how it'd turn out. Definitely looks better than the mess it was in tan!

  6. The one I did with Guarder's frame didn't turn out so great. I posted here a few pages back...




    I saw that actually, although from the photos it didn't look too bad - More the occasional tiny spot of discolouring? Mine was more big swathes/patches of all sorts of shades of brown.. I should have thought to take pictures really, but there were fingerprint sized patches of discolouration going from dark tan to black. Nasty.


    Anyhow, all fixed now after a blast of Plastikote ocean grey, which I think quite suits it actually:



  7. I found this video pretty helpful hwagan





    Perfect, cheers dude - I currently lack any tan spraypaint though, I'm debating going with gunmetal grey for the frame, what with it being the only spray I've currently got... Can't look worse than it does now anyway!

  8. I'll have to give that a try actually. The only issue with that idea is I'm not actually clued up on taking down a Glock lower frame - The stippling jobs I've done previously I've just been careful with and removed the mag/mag catch. To youtube!

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  9. Anyone tried stippling a WE/HK3 tan frame? I can't believe how awful it's turned out compared to my black G17 - The plastic changes colour (there are patches of pale tan, dark tan, brown all over the place). It looks *fruitcage* atrocious...


    When dealing with a ticket I explained my situation and they gave me a very blank and arrogant response.


    While watching them deal with other situations (it happens when you are wandering down the street) I see the same blank and arrogant attitudes coming across even from people that are not trying to be confrontational at all.

    This however raises one other issue. Many people that have had to deal with certain councils know that the council are just going to give them the run around and waste their time (I know my local one would). They therefore take the abuse out on the directest link they have, the warden. It is not the right way to do it but it would help too if councils didn't cause such issues. That however is only for the ones that are genuinely just trying to earn a wage and do their job. The ones that open up the conversation by being the smarmy or stuck up party deserve no respect at all.



    I reckon in quite a lot of areas it's a sort of ongoing cycle - People unfairly abuse traffic wardens, traffic wardens become cynical *albatrosses* and become more and more rude to people, cycle continues. Still, I'm thoroughly in agreement that if a traffic warden is anything other than polite (assuming you are as well), then report them for poor behaviour. 


    Generally, it's the council's fault - They encourage wardens to issue tickets at every opportunity, and cause half the parking issues in the first place. Unfortunately it's traffic wardens and drivers who end up dealing with the aftermath, and the council, like you say, very rarely gives a *suitcase*...




    Look on the bright side though; At least you don't have to deal with SouthEastern trains.


    At the end of the day, if you have parked illegally, you haven't got much cause to complain if you get a ticket. 



    This, a thousand times over. Especially with the fact a lot of traffic wardens are given incentives to print tickets - It's great when a traffic warden does decide to let someone off, but having worked in London, 90% of interactions with traffic wardens go like so;


    Traffic warden finds car parked illegally - Looks around for 30 seconds or so in case the driver is still around or returning.

    Traffic warden begins doing the ticket thing.

    Driver returns, sees traffic warden, opens up with something along the lines of 'Oh come on mate' or 'Oh for *fruitcage*'s sake, I've only been gone 10 seconds' or something similar.

    Traffic warden politely explains the driver is parked illegally, why he/she is being ticketed, and why it's too late to do anything about it and how to appeal.

    Angry driver launches a tirade of vicious, filthy, personal abuse at Traffic warden.


    It's just a simple case of don't park illegally, really. And if the parking rules are *suitcase*, harass the council and whatnot.

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    However when you call traffic wardens everything under the sun no-one says anything but agreement.




    I actually defend traffic wardens when people just abuse them for no good reason; They're just people trying to make a living, and when they're given targets to meet to earn additional money, you can't blame them for waiting for a clock to count down - It's the council/government's fault for rewarding them for being so strict and the like, not the fault of the individual. I feel bad for them for the amount of hate they get - Sure, some of them are jobsworth *albartrotheth*, but that's a tiny minority.

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