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  1. That is a hell of a nice piece.
  2. Really liking the paracorded handguard man - Very swish!
  3. Everyone seems to have bought G&P SR16E3 WOCs now, so even though I can't actually afford one due to a lower than expected tax rebate, it's nice to know I'll be able to ponse mags off Arnies members when necessary. Plus, less whiney AEG's at skirmish sites!
  4. That's why I bought an MRP, the only things I can mess about with on it are comparatively cheap picatinny bits
  5. WHEN WILL IT END. Also, my tax rebate was way lower than expected and I can't afford one anyway. Bah.

    1. hwagan


      I used the HMRC calculator and everything, told me I was due about £2500.. I found that hard to believe so I figured I'd be happy with £1k, turned out to be £600.. And I'm still unemployed, so that's gotta last me.. No SR16 for Hwagan :(

    2. NonEx


      Last year I thought I was getting $1500 USD back from the papers I got. Then when the money didn't show up, I looked again and realized I had read it wrong, and I owed $1500 USD... FML.

    3. hwagan


      Ouch man.. Tax is a *badgeress*.

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  6. Always wanted a P230... They're like a classier PPK.
  7. If only G&G ran the councils.
  8. You shower of unfiltered swearwords, I hate you all :P

    1. hwagan


      After all that, I got way less of a tax refund than I expected so I'm not getting one anyway. Sad Hwagan :(

    2. Probotector



    3. hwagan


      Hey I didn't mention you by name, why would you be upset if not RIDDLED WITH FEELINGS OF GUILT? ;)

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  9. I reckon in quite a lot of areas it's a sort of ongoing cycle - People unfairly abuse traffic wardens, traffic wardens become cynical *albatrosses* and become more and more rude to people, cycle continues. Still, I'm thoroughly in agreement that if a traffic warden is anything other than polite (assuming you are as well), then report them for poor behaviour. Generally, it's the council's fault - They encourage wardens to issue tickets at every opportunity, and cause half the parking issues in the first place. Unfortunately it's traffic wardens and drivers who end up dealing with the after
  10. This, a thousand times over. Especially with the fact a lot of traffic wardens are given incentives to print tickets - It's great when a traffic warden does decide to let someone off, but having worked in London, 90% of interactions with traffic wardens go like so; Traffic warden finds car parked illegally - Looks around for 30 seconds or so in case the driver is still around or returning. Traffic warden begins doing the ticket thing. Driver returns, sees traffic warden, opens up with something along the lines of 'Oh come on mate' or 'Oh for *fruitcage*'s sake, I've only been gone 10 sec
  11. I actually defend traffic wardens when people just abuse them for no good reason; They're just people trying to make a living, and when they're given targets to meet to earn additional money, you can't blame them for waiting for a clock to count down - It's the council/government's fault for rewarding them for being so strict and the like, not the fault of the individual. I feel bad for them for the amount of hate they get - Sure, some of them are jobsworth *albartrotheth*, but that's a tiny minority.
  12. *fruitcage* you, whoever bought all the G&P SR16E3's from Ehobby..

  13. I take it all back man, the Krylon was a fantastic idea.
  14. Story of my life. Also, I just spent a solid half an hour making a pizza (from scratch, with flour and everything) - Put it in the oven. Returned 15 minutes later expecting to enjoy my delicious sustenance disc, and discovered I hadn't put the oven on, so now I have to wait another half an hour for my pizza. *fruitcage* YOU, OVEN. *fruitcage* YOU IN THE *fruitcage* CONTROLS OR SOME *suitcase*, YOU STUPID BOX OF COOKING.
  15. You won't be disappointed man - My own one, and I believe DeltaZero's and a few other owners have all been fantastic value for money so far - They really are awesome!
  16. Kydex insert to hold 3 AR mags in a JPC's kangaroo pouch; Does such a thing exist?

    1. k30dxedle


      I can't remember how JPC kangaroo pouches are structured - do they have built-in dividers? If so, I think frogfish has come up with a way to rig up Esstac KYWIs. Otherwise take a look at the Ferro FC-M4-KTS, it looks narrow enough.

    2. hwagan


      They do have built in dividers, but it's only the TMC job so I'm happy enough cutting them out. That looks pretty much spot on man, cheers for the tip!

  17. I previously had my MRP set up so the push-switch for the light sat right on the tip of my thumb just in front of a Gaspedal; It was absolutely perfect for my usual left-hand operation, but I found when I played CQB I couldn't get to the light on a right-handed corner, which was a big PITA. I've since chucked the switch on the top rail and I can now get to it with either hand, so it definitely works better for me personally. Anyhow, I've switched photo-service in an effort to see if I can get some nicer pictures up, or any at all for that matter. All that's left to do now is a differe
  18. Mine started pissing Co2 out of the top valve after 3 capsules, haven't taken the mag apart to see what's up yet and I doubt I'll bother, because frankly Co2 mags are twats. Saying that, my HK3 17 worked like an absolute train with the mag when it did work. Cycled like a monster, but no big increase in FPS as kullwarrior stated.
  19. Every time a new GBBR is released, my wallet cries a little.

    1. kenxin


      They've gotten rid of the firing block of WA-type guns completely: https://scontent-a-mad.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/t31/1511977_338562486285539_879208136_o.jpg


      Looks QUITE sturdy.

    2. hwagan


      Ah I see what you mean; That definitely looks like a much simpler and cleaner design. Saying that, maybe it's just me, but personally I've always felt the only improvement a decently build WA gun needs is in the hop system.. Maybe I'm just lucky. Still, I'm not gonna lie, GHK's design does look very well thought out, it's just not something I can see myself being interested in besides the hop and magazines!

    3. hawaiianjuggernaut


      Every time my kit needs new stuff, my wallet CRYES.

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  20. Sounds like the same one I've got with the 18 settings and QD lock; Yours come in the Trijicon box with the nice spring loaded QD lever and such? I'm in full agreement though, I really can't recommend the thing enough. Field of view compared to a Comp M2/M3/T-1 or any other tube red dot I've used is fantastic as well, really a big difference.
  21. Mine has 18, oddly.. Still, the lowest setting with a fresh battery is bright enough for a sunnyish day in England, so I can't see brightness on really hot days being an issue.
  22. Same with mine man; It's stood up to rain and a good 2,000 rounds through my WOC, with about 500 of those on Co2. No loss of zero, nothing! Definitely the best ACM red dot I've yet used. And cheers! I'm not entirely certain if it's the Ebairsoft version, but the one I went for is this exact one here: http://www.shootercbgear.com/product_info.php?products_id=7023 Cost me about £50 shipped if memory serves, or around that price. It's the unbranded QD version, literally the only thing I can fault it on so far is the fact it needs a single layer of 'leccy tape on the b
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